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Albert Wilson

Wide Receiver • Dolphins

2018 Projections

73 48 532 2


Miami needs a replacement for Jarvis Landry as its primary slot receiver, and Wilson is expected to get first crack at that role. The fact that the Dolphins gave Wilson a three-year, $24-million contract suggests that they have confidence in his ability to do a reasonable Landry impersonation, even though he never saw a great deal of target volume during his four seasons in Kansas City. Wilson has demonstrated efficiency as a receiver, with a career catch rate of 62.3 percent.


In a somewhat puzzling move, the Dolphins signed Danny Amendola shortly after signing Wilson. Maybe Wilson will have to compete with Amendola for slot snaps. Or maybe the Dolphins see Amendola as their primary slot receiver and Wilson as an outside receiver, in which case hed be behind DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills on the depth chart. Wilson has only seven TD catches in 55 career games.

Bottom Line

Its still not completely clear how Wilson will be used in Miami, but the big contract the Dolphins awarded him in free agency is a hint that hell play an important role. He has a chance to become a fantasy asset for the first time in his career, particularly in PPR leagues.

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