A.J. Green

Wide Receiver • Bengals

2018 Projections

140 83 1212 8


In seven NFL seasons, Green has failed to reach 1,000 yards only once (when he missed six games due to a torn hamstring in 2016 and yet fell only 34 yards short). The dependable Green has averaged 9.3 targets, 5.5 catches and 80.5 yards a game over his career. Heís averaged 8.1 TD catches a season and has hit double digits in touchdowns three times. Green ranked eighth in the league in targets last season and had a robust target share of 28.4 percent. Despite Cincinnatiís offensive woes, Green finished 10th in scoring among wide receivers last season.


Greenís per-game production fell off last year as the Bengals struggled on offense. Cincinnatiís pass blocking was substandard, and the team changed offensive coordinators early in the season, replacing Ken Zampese with Bill Lazor. Unfortunately, Green didnít see a dramatic uptick in his production once Lazor took over, and the Bengalsí offensive line still appears to be in rough shape.

Bottom Line

Although his offensive ecosystem might not be as healthy as it used to be, Green is consistently productive and is one of the safest bets you can make at the position.

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