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Adrian Peterson

Running Back • Cardinals

2018 Projections

82 303 3 9 64


Peterson, 33, has said he plans to continue playing in 2018, and the future Hall of Famer is on record as saying he thinks he has another four or five years left. After the Saints traded Peterson to the Cardinals in early October, he instantly pumped life into an Arizona running game that had been flat-lining following David Johnsonís season-ending wrist injury in Week One. Peterson ran for 134 yards and two touchdowns in his Cardinals debut, then ran for 159 yards against the 49ers a few weeks later. While clearly not the runner he used to be, Peterson still turned in some productive fantasy weeks last season despite running behind a bad Arizona offensive line.


Peterson has played only 13 games over the last three years, having missed time with foot, knee and neck injuries. Heís averaged only 3.1 yards per carry over that span, and though he had a couple of big games for the Cardinals last year, he also had three games in which he had double-digit carries but was held to 30 rushing yards or fewer. Peterson has never offered much help in the passing game, and heís been a fumbler throughout his career.

Bottom Line

The end is nigh for a once-great player. Itís possible he could still provide a new team with short-term help, but the days of 1,000-yard rushing seasons and double-digit TDs are gone.

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