Adam Thielen

Wide Receiver • Vikings

2018 Projections

132 80 1120 5


This small-school product from Minnesota State University emerged from obscurity in 2016, and last year he proved that he was no one-year wonder. Thielen ranked fifth in the NFL in receiving yardage last season and eighth in receptions. A paragon of consistency, he had five or more catches in 13 of 16 regular-season contests. The Minnesota passing attack figures to be strong this season with Kirk Cousins taking over as the Vikingsí quarterback. Itís not as if the Vikingsí passing game was bad last season with Case Keenum under center -- far from it, in fact -- but Cousins probably gives Minnesota a better chance to sustain its passing-game success.


Thielen has to share targets with Stefon Diggs, a terrific receiver in his own right. Diggs has been slowed by injuries the last two years, and if heís able to stay healthy in 2018, he could eat into Thielenís receiving totals. Although heís been providing his fantasy owners with satisfying reception and yardage totals, Thielen hasnít offered much in the way of touchdowns. Over the last two seasons heís averaged a touchdown every 17.8 catches.

Bottom Line

A versatile possession receiver with surprising speed, Thielen has become a solid fantasy contributor and should provide safe WR2 value in 2018.

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