Aaron Jones

Running Back • Packers

2018 Projections

149 651 4 23 184 1


A sprained MCL slowed Jones’ momentum, but there were moments in his rookie season when he looked special. If he’s able to win a lead role for the Packers in 2018, or even if he carves out a prominent niche in a committee, he could become a key contributor to a premier NFL offense. When Ty Montgomery sustained a rib injury against the Bears in Week Four, Jones came in and ran 13 times for 49 yards and a touchdown. He had a 19-125-1 rushing day against Dallas in Week Five, then a 17-131-1 performance against the Saints in Week Seven. He injured his knee soon after and played sparingly upon his return, but he continued to flash. For instance, his lone touch in a Week 11 game against the Buccaneers, was a 20-yard, game-winning TD run in overtime.


The Packers’ backfield is extremely muddled, with Jones, Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery all vying for snaps. Jones could face league discipline after pleading no contest to a marijuana-related traffic charge over the winter. Jones contributed almost nothing in the passing game last year, and his deficiencies as a pass blocker could put him behind Williams, who’s much more proficient in that area.

Bottom Line

Jones has big-time upside, but the Packers’ RB-by-committee is a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Jones will be a player to monitor carefully in August.

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