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2019 NFL Draft

Gary Johnson


  • A
    Round 2-3
  • YearSenior
  • Height6-0
  • Weight226
  • Hand10
  • Arm31
  • 40-yard4.43
  • Bench16
  • Vertical33.5
  • Broad121.0
  • 3-cone7.15
  • 20-yard4.57
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Rare speed, quick reactions. Gets depth with his drop and shows awareness in coverage. Can play man coverage on a tight end or running back lined up in the slot. Very good pursuit player who takes good angles to the ball. Good at slipping blocks. Consistent tackler. Effective with blitz.

    Weak Points: Size -- might not be able to get much bigger than 235 pounds. Some hip tightness, and his change of direction doesn't match his speed. When a big lineman gets on him, he is very slow to shed.

    The Way We See It: Johnson is an undersized but effective college linebacker. A few years ago, he would not be given much of a chance to play in the NFL because of his size, but more and more players like him are making their way to the field. He is active with good instincts, making plays with his speed and quickness when he is able to slip blocks. He struggles when a bigger blocker gets on him, as he doesn't have the size, power or hand use to shed quickly. His coverage skills really help his cause. As a rookie he can be very effective if used as a hybrid or nickel linebacker. He must get a little bigger and stronger to become an every-down player. Johnson should be able to play "Will" in a 4-3 or either inside position in a 3-4. He has upside, which could get him drafted a little earlier than my grade.

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