2019 NFL Draft

Projections: Round 7

Player NamePosSchoolProj
Lil'Jordan Humphrey Wide Receiver Texas RND 4-7
Trey Pipkins Offensive Tackle Sioux Falls RND 5-7
Jazz Ferguson Wide Receiver Northwestern State RND 5-7
Dontavius Russell Defensive Tackle Auburn RND 6-7
Hunter Renfrow Wide Receiver Clemson RND 6-7
Terry McLaurin Wide Receiver Ohio State RND 6-7
Andy Isabella Wide Receiver Massachusetts RND 6-7
Drew Sample Tight End Washington RND 6-7
Joe Giles-Harris Inside Linebacker Duke RND 6-7
James Williams Running Back Washington State RND 6-7
Emeke Egbule Inside Linebacker Houston RND 6-7
Mitch Wishnowsky Specialists Utah RND 6-7
Gerri Green Edge Mississippi State RND 6-7
Jon Baker Center Boston College RND 6-7
Bruce Anderson Running Back North Dakota State RND 7
Stanley Morgan Jr. Wide Receiver Nebraska RND 7
Jamal Peters Cornerback Mississippi State RND 7
Tre Watson Inside Linebacker Maryland RND 7
Ben Powers Guard Oklahoma RND 7
Renell Wren Defensive Tackle Arizona State RND 7
Jake Browning Quarterback Washington RND 7
Cody Thompson Wide Receiver Toledo RND 7
Alex Bars Guard Notre Dame RND 7-UFA
Austin Seibert Specialists Oklahoma RND 7-UFA
Josh Oliver Tight End San Josť St RND 7-UFA
Jalen Jelks Edge Oregon RND 7-UFA
Deshaun Davis Inside Linebacker Auburn RND 7-UFA
Jordan Brown Cornerback South Dakota State RND 7-UFA
Mike Bell Safety Fresno State RND 7-UFA
Ryquell Armstead Running Back Temple RND 7-UFA
Calvin Anderson Offensive Tackle Texas RND 7-UFA
James O'Hagan Center Buffalo RND 7-UFA

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