2019 NFL Draft

Offensive Tackle

Player NameSchoolProj
Jonah Williams Alabama RND 1
Yodny Cajuste West Virginia RND 1
Bobby Evans Oklahoma RND 1
Andre Dillard Washington State RND 1
Greg Little Ole Miss RND 1
Jawaan Taylor Florida RND 1-2
David Edwards Wisconsin RND 2-3
Dennis Daley South Carolina RND 2-3
Tyler Roemer San Diego State RND 2-4
Isaiah Prince Ohio State RND 2-4
Kaleb McGary Washington RND 3
Max Scharping Northern Illinois RND 3
Tytus Howard Alabama State RND 4
Mitch Hyatt Clemson RND 4-5
Dalton Risner Kansas State RND 4-5
Martez Ivey Florida RND 5
Ryan Bates Penn State RND 5-6
Trey Pipkins Sioux Falls RND 5-7
Chuma Edoga USC RND 6
Casey Tucker Arizona State RND 6-UFA
Calvin Anderson Texas RND 7-UFA

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