2018 NFL Draft

Will Hernandez


  • A
    Round 1-2
  • YearSenior
  • Height6-2
  • Weight327
  • Hand9 ⅞
  • Arm32
  • 40-yard5.15
  • Bench37
  • Vertical24.0
  • Broad104.0
  • 3-cone7.59
  • 20-yard4.70
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Four-year starter at left guard. Huge man with outstanding natural strength. Plays with bend. Physical road grader. Very good in-line run blocker. Good to second level. Adequate with pulls. Quick set in pass pro; never gives ground to opponent. Can slide and recover against moves. Good job with hands. Alert for stunts and blitzes.

    Weak Points: Rather than consistently running his feet on contact, Hernandez is more of a stop-and-go blocker with his feet. May need to lose some weight to play in space at the next level.

    The Way We See It: Hernandez is a fifth-year senior and a four-year starter at UTEP, where he showed outstanding durability in starting 49 consecutive games. Huge man with excellent strength. He is not the most explosive guy, but with his natural size and strength it doesn't matter. Strong run blocker who can put his opponent on his back. Gets to second level vs. college players but may want to lose some weight to do that on a consistent basis in the NFL. Rock-solid pass blocker who anchors very well. Keeps his hands inside and can handle moves with his feet and agility. Overall, he will require some maintenance on his footwork -- as he has a tendency to stop and restart on contact -- but he is fairly sound. He wins on strength and power. Can come in and play right away but will need a period of adjustment. Hernandez will be best in a zone blocking scheme. His tape is very good, but Hernandez's workout could determine how high he gets drafted.

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