2018 NFL Draft

Taven Bryan


  • A
    Round 1
  • YearRedshirt Junior
  • Height6-4
  • Weight291
  • Hand9
  • Arm32
  • 40-yard4.98
  • Bench30
  • Vertical35.0
  • Broad119.0
  • 3-cone7.12
  • 20-yard4.48
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Good size and good-to-very good athlete. Runs well, changes direction easily, has excellent balance and very good flexibility. Great motor; plays hard every snap. Quick to read and react; instinctive. Makes plays in both the run and pass game. Very quick off the ball. Strong and explosive, he makes plays because of his strength and athleticism. Good interior pass rusher. Excellent pursuit player. Not much about his game to dislike.

    Weak Points: Arms may be a bit short to play as a 5-technique. Needs to add a little more bulk to play in an odd front.

    The Way We See It: A fourth-year junior, Bryan is a fun player to watch on tape. He goes all out on every play with excellent snap reaction and initial quickness. Consistently gets penetration to disrupt. Consistent vs. both the run and pass. Quick hands and quick to shed. Reads and reacts fast and finds the ball. Productive player who still has a lot of upside. Right now he looks to be best as a 3-tech in a 4-man front, but he could also fit in a 3-man front. Regardless, he will start early and be a productive rookie. Premium-round guy.

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