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2018 NFL Draft

Saquon Barkley

RB/Penn State

  • A
    Round 1
  • YearJunior
  • Height6-0
  • Weight233
  • Hand9
  • Arm31 ⅜
  • 40-yard4.40
  • Bench29
  • Vertical41.0
  • BroadN/A
  • 3-coneN/A
  • 20-yard4.24
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Productive as a runner, receiver and kick returner. Great overall athleticism with speed, agility, balance and a burst. Very quick-footed. Has excellent hands and adjusts to the ball like a top wide receiver. Quick to the hole with vision and instincts. Can change direction at the line of scrimmage to find a seam. Good jump cutter. Great burst to turn the corner. Great open-field running ability; get him in space and he has a chance to score. Has very good power and can break tackles and get yards after contact.

    Weak Points: Production as a runner went way down in 2017. There were eight games this year in which he didn't run for 100 yards. With his size, he should be more powerful and better between the tackles. Needs work on blocking.

    The Way We See It: The best all-purpose back in this draft, Barkley can line up as a running back or a receiver, as well as be his team's top returner. Great open-field run skills paired with instant acceleration and top vision and instincts. He is best in space; needs to improve as an inside runner. Can break tackles but not as consistently as he should. Has outstanding elusiveness both in tight or in space. That allows him to break so many big runs. Great receiver who is able to consistently get open. Overall, he is like a bigger version of Christian McCaffrey. Barkley may be 20 pounds heavier than McCaffrey, but he doesn't play 20 pounds bigger. Will be a rotational back in the NFL, but he will also get snaps as a receiver. Will be a valuable addition to any club, but he is no Zeke Elliott. Still, he has some special to him, just not the power guy Elliott is.

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