2018 NFL Draft

Royce Freeman


  • A
    Round 2
  • YearSenior
  • Height5-11
  • Weight229
  • Hand9
  • Arm32
  • 40-yard4.54
  • Bench17
  • Vertical34.0
  • Broad118.0
  • 3-cone6.90
  • 20-yard4.16
  • 60-yard11.64

    Strong Points: Has great size to go along with very good speed, quick feet, balance and change of direction. Very productive; ran for more than 1,000 yards in three of his four seasons at Oregon. Strong and explosive, he can break tackles in tight or in space. Quick to the hole with very good vision, instincts and the patience to set up blocks. Very reliable receiver (79 career receptions). Can make defenders miss in tight or in space. Has a quick burst to get outside. Willing pass blocker.

    Weak Points: Plays smaller than his listed size. Will need work on pass block technique and using his hands. Chose not to play in Oregon's Bowl game this year in order to prepare for the draft.

    The Way We See It: A fourth-year senior and a four-year starter at Oregon, Freeman was consistently productive with three 1,000-yard campaigns while in Eugene. Only had 946 yards in 2016 but missed a game because of injury. Freeman is quick to the hole and has strong run instincts, including the vision to find creases. He consistently makes good decisions and does a great job following and setting up blocks. As big as he is, Freeman has very good play speed with a burst to turn the corner. He is equally effective both inside and out and can consistently get yards after contact. Freeman plays at about 235 but runs like a smaller back. He has power and can break tackles, but he is not a pile driver. Like most college backs, he will need to improve his pass blocking skills. Royce will be an every down back at the next level and should come in and start for most teams, assuming he can improve his pass protection. Has the talent to be a big-play back in the NFL.

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