2018 NFL Draft

Mike Gesicki

TE/Penn State

  • B
    Round 1
  • YearSenior
  • Height6-4 1/2
  • Weight247
  • Hand10 ⅛
  • Arm34
  • 40-yard4.54
  • Bench22
  • Vertical41.5
  • Broad129.0
  • 3-cone6.76
  • 20-yard4.10
  • 60-yard11.33

    Strong Points: Tall and long. Good athlete with good flexibility. Sure-handed; can adjust to the ball and makes the difficult catch. Has good flexibility to grab low throws and targets behind him. Good route-runner who can uncover vs. man or zone. Flashes some run-after-catch ability. Very productive as a short-range receiver.

    Weak Points: Lacks strength and bulk, especially in the lower body; lean frame. Constantly gives ground when trying to pass block. No pop on contact. Overall blocking ability is very average. One-speed guy without a top burst.

    The Way We See It: Three-year starter for Penn State and had a very productive career with 129 total receptions and 15 touchdowns. Lines up mostly flexed out but will be in tight at times. He has good initial quickness and is a good short route-runner. Gesicki is a big target with length in addition to strong, reliable hands. Offers mismatch problems with his height, length and receiving chops. He's an adequate playmaker with the ball in his hands. What limits Gesicki is his blocking because of his narrow frame and lack of lower-body strength and power. Gives ground as a pass blocker and shows no pop blocking the run. Will be limited to being an “F” or “move” tight end at the NFL level. Some teams will want a faster guy, but he is a very reliable receiver. Has a role and can be a good NFL player in the right scheme.

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