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2018 NFL Draft

Lorenzo Carter


  • A
    Round 1
  • YearSenior
  • Height6-6
  • Weight250
  • Hand10 ⅜
  • Arm34
  • 40-yard4.50
  • BenchN/A
  • Vertical36.0
  • Broad130.0
  • 3-coneN/A
  • 20-yardN/A
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Tall and very long. Consistently gives good effort. Good hand use. Has a narrow frame but plays with strength and power. Good edge pass rusher; stays low and can put moves together. Has a burst coming off blocks. Reads and reacts quickly without getting out of position. Shows he can drop into coverage and play with awareness

    Weak Points: Narrow frame with limited growth potential (doubt he will get much bigger than 255 pounds). Long strider who lacks quick, sudden change of direction. With his frame and long stride, he can't be a consistent man-to-man cover guy.

    The Way We See It: A fourth-year senior who has been starting games (but not every game) since his freshman year. Carter's frame is similar to that of former Bulldogs teammate Leonard Floyd, but Carter is not the explosive athlete that Floyd was entering the NFL. Carter played both up and down in the Georgia scheme, where he was asked primarily to be a pass rusher -- though he did drop into coverage on occasion. Carter is a good pass rusher, but the numbers wouldn't say that. He had only 4.5 sacks last season, but Carter gets a large amount of pressures and hits. Carter has improved every year. Needs to get bigger and stronger, but his growth potential is limited by his frame. Has to be a 3-4 outside 'backer and will contribute as a rookie pass rusher. Should be a full-time starter by Year Two. May go in the second round, but more likely he's a third-rounder.

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