2018 NFL Draft

Prospects: M

Browse by M last names
Player NamePosSchoolProj
Cole Madison Offensive Tackle Washington State RND 5
Brendan Mahon Guard Penn State RND 4-5
Hercules Mata'afa Edge Washington State RND 4
Tray Matthews Safety Auburn RND 5-6
Baker Mayfield Quarterback Oklahoma RND 1
Mike McCray Linebacker Michigan RND 6
Tarvarus McFadden Cornerback Florida State RND 4
Mike McGlinchey Offensive Tackle Notre Dame RND 1
RJ McIntosh Defensive Tackle Miami (FL) RND 3
Kahlil McKenzie Defensive Tackle Tennessee RND 6-7
Quenton Meeks Cornerback Stanford RND 3-4
Sony Michel Running Back Georgia RND 1-2
Anthony Miller Wide Receiver Memphis RND 3
Kolton Miller Offensive Tackle UCLA RND 2
D.J. Moore Wide Receiver Maryland RND 1
J'Mon Moore Wide Receiver Missouri RND 4
Skai Moore Linebacker South Carolina RND 5-6
Tarvarius Moore Safety Southern Miss RND 6-7
Nyles Morgan Linebacker Notre Dame RND 7

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