2018 NFL Draft

Kyle Lauletta


  • B
    Round 2-3
  • YearRedshirt Senior
  • Height6-3
  • Weight222
  • Hand9
  • Arm30 ⅝
  • 40-yard4.81
  • BenchN/A
  • Vertical31.0
  • Broad113.0
  • 3-cone6.95
  • 20-yard4.07
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Very productive. Three-year starter (34 starts). Good size. Good athlete with quick feet. Has some speed. Shows a good feel for pass rushers and can extend and make plays with his feet. Has a quick, tight delivery with good arm strength. Throws a tight ball. Accurate with good ball placement. Smart and a top leader. Shows he can go through a progression. Processes quickly. Patient. Good decision maker. Has a quick release. Keeps turnovers to a minimum. Lots of upside.

    Weak Points: Played at a lower level of competition. Tore his ACL (right knee) in Game 11 in 2016 and missed the rest of the season. His arm is good, but he doesn't have a cannon. Hasn't taken many snaps from under center.

    The Way We See It: Lauletta is a fifth-year senior and a three-year starter. Very experienced. His dad played quarterback for Navy. Lauletta has strong leadership skills and is a very hard worker. Strong football character. Possesses good mechanics and a smooth, swift release. Throws with accuracy both short and long. Completed more than 63 percent of his career throws. Always has precise placement. Will work his progression with patience before making sound decisions. He has a good enough arm but by no means a rocket. Has the athleticism to extend and make plays using his feet. Makes big plays in big moments. Lauletta is probably the best small-school quarterback in the draft. He possesses the talent and intangibles to become an eventual starter in the NFL. At worst, he is a quality backup a team can win with in the interim. Lauletta has intriguing upside.

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