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2018 NFL Draft

Jaire Alexander


  • A
    Round 1
  • YearJunior
  • Height5-11
  • Weight192
  • Hand9
  • Arm31 ⅛
  • 40-yard4.38
  • Bench14
  • Vertical35.0
  • Broad127.0
  • 3-cone6.71
  • 20-yard3.98
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Good size, long arms and very good overall athletic ability. Runs well, with a quick burst, very good feet, fluid hips and smooth change of direction. Can play press, off or zone, with press being his best coverage. Very good mirror skills, anticipates well and has excellent ball skills and hands. Willing run-support player. Very good punt returner. Confident in his ability and has a short memory.

    Weak Points: Lean frame; needs to add bulk and strength. Will miss some tackles because he doesn't consistently wrap up. Can be slow to shed blocks at times. His cockiness can border on taunting. Missed five games in 2017 with a knee injury that has to be checked out. Doesn't always line up square to the line, and won't be able to get away with that in the NFL.

    The Way We See It: A true junior, Alexander was a two-year starter for Louisville. He has a long, lean frame with very good athleticism. Fast and fluid. Productive man cover guy with great ball skills and a short memory. Not the most physical guy and will miss some tackles. Though he is best in man coverage, Alexander can can play zone very well. Can turn and run, and has no extra steps when he transitions. Willing run-support guy but not physical and he will miss some tackles. Overall, he is very talented and he should be able to line up and play as a rookie. Needs to get stronger and tackle better, but that should come. Has the right mentality to be a good NFL player. His medical will be important, as will his workout, but Alexander could be one of the first corners drafted if he clears those hurdles. His return skills only help his cause.

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