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2018 NFL Draft

Dallas Goedert

TE/South Dakota State

  • A
    Round 1-2
  • YearRedshirt Senior
  • Height6-5
  • Weight256
  • Hand9
  • Arm34
  • 40-yardN/A
  • Bench23
  • VerticalN/A
  • BroadN/A
  • 3-coneN/A
  • 20-yardN/A
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Excellent size. Very good strength and explosion. Very good athlete for his size. Runs well; smooth with easy change of direction. Excellent hands and can adjust to the ball. Good runner after the catch. Dominates lower level of competition. Good blocker both in-line and when on the move.

    Weak Points: Plays at lower level of competition. Though he is moved around quite a bit, Goedert is still raw.

    The Way We See It: A fifth-year senior and a former walk-on, Goedert was a three-year starter for South Dakota State. Perhaps the best and most complete tight end in this draft. Has excellent size with very good overall athleticism. Runs well for a big man. Lines up flexed out or in tight. Has very good initial quickness and a very good release. Man among D-II boys who made things look easy. Works to get open, and has very good hands and the ability to adjust and make the tough catch. Strong runner after the catch with good run instincts. Willing blocker who gets good production when in-line or when on the move. Though he is a bit raw, he is too talented not to be a rookie starter. Goedert has great upside and could become one of the better tight ends in the NFL. Will be able to play Y or F and produce.

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