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2018 NFL Draft

Christian Kirk

WR/Texas A&M

  • A
    Round 2
  • YearRedshirt Junior
  • Height5-10
  • Weight201
  • Hand9 ⅞
  • Arm33 ⅜
  • 40-yard4.47
  • Bench20
  • Vertical35.5
  • Broad115.0
  • 3-cone7.09
  • 20-yard4.45
  • 60-yard12.03

    Strong Points: Very productive. Terrific hands. Excellent athlete with speed and body control. Very quick in and out of cuts. Strong and explosive. Very good runner after the catch. Has the run skills of a tailback. Excellent return man on both punts and kickoffs. Good blocker. Consistent big-play threat. Can turn a short reception into a long gain.

    Weak Points: Marginal height relative to what NFL clubs are looking for currently in receivers. Arms are a bit short. Limited route tree at Texas A&M. Lines up mostly inside.

    The Way We See It: Third-year junior. Has been a starter since his freshman year. A very productive receiver and kick returner. In three seasons, he has 234 receptions and 26 touchdowns. Added 7 touchdowns on returns. Kirk doesn't have ideal NFL WR height but he is well-built, strong, fast and explosive. He has good hands and catches the ball cleanly. Limited route tree at A&M, so he will need to develop his route running skills. The traits are there. May not be ready to start as a rookie because he needs development, but he will contribute as a backup receiver and a returner. Can be the top return man on most NFL squads. The talent and upside is there. Should be able to play both inside and outside. Because of his overall skill set, he won't get out of the second round.

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