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2018 NFL Draft

Calvin Ridley


  • A
    Round 1
  • YearJunior
  • Height6-0 1/2
  • Weight189
  • Hand9 ⅛
  • Arm31 ⅝
  • 40-yard4.43
  • Bench15
  • Vertical31.0
  • Broad110.0
  • 3-cone6.88
  • 20-yard4.41
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Three-year starter at Alabama. Plays in a pro-style offense where he had to run a full route tree. Excellent athlete with speed, flexibility and body control. Has soft hands and can make the tough catch. Does a great job adjusting to the ball in the air. Tough, courageous and consistently competes for the ball in traffic. Very good route runner who can break down and get in and out of cuts quickly. Uncovers vs. both press and zone. Effective short and deep. Makes things look easy at times. Looks to help out QB on busted plays. Excellent after the catch with a burst and top run instincts. Can and will block.

    Weak Points: Only played three games his final year in high school because he was too old. Will be a slightly over-aged rookie, who will turn 24 during his rookie year. Ridley will need to add a little bulk, as he has a lean frame.

    The Way We See It: Third-year junior. Started at Alabama since his freshman year. Slightly over-aged kid; turns 24 during his rookie season. Plays in a pro-style system and is more advanced than many spread wide receivers. Has run a full route tree and has shown he can run routes and get open vs. man and zone. He's very quick off the line of scrimmage and can defeat press coverage. Has excellent hands, makes the tough catch and is a consistent runner after the catch. Will need to add some bulk and strength, but he is ready to step in and play and contribute as a rookie. Should be one of the first wide receivers drafted.

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