2018 NFL Draft

Projections: Round 7

Player NamePosSchoolProj
Michael Dickson Punter Texas RND 3-7
JK Scott Punter Alabama RND 5-7
Ito Smith Running Back Southern Miss RND 6-7
Scott Quessenberry Center UCLA RND 6-7
Taylor Hearn Guard Clemson RND 6-7
Kahlil McKenzie Defensive Tackle Tennessee RND 6-7
Brad Bozeman Center Alabama RND 6-7
Mike Joseph Cornerback Dubuque RND 6-7
Tarvarius Moore Safety Southern Miss RND 6-7
Jordan Wilkins Running Back Ole Miss RND 6-7
Chase Edmonds Running Back Fordham RND 6-7
Trenton Thompson Defensive Tackle Virginia RND 6-7
Ike Boettger Offensive Tackle Iowa RND 6-7
Nyles Morgan Linebacker Notre Dame RND 7
Steven Dunbar Wide Receiver Houston RND 7
Braxton Berrios Wide Receiver Miami (FL) RND 7
Jake Wieneke Wide Receiver South Dakota State RND 7
Cody O'Connell Guard Washington RND 7
Ryan Izzo Tight End Florida State RND 7
Mike Ramsay Defensive Tackle Duke RND 7
Deadrin Senat Defensive Tackle South Florida RND 7
Justin Lawler Edge SMU RND 7
Andrew Trumbetti Edge Notre Dame RND 7
Jaryd Jones-Smith Offensive Tackle Pittsburgh RND 7
Brian Allen Center Michigan State RND 7-UFA
Matt Gono Offensive Tackle Wesley RND 7-UFA
Adam Breneman Tight End Massachusetts RND 7-UFA
Drew Brown Kicker Nebraska RND 7-UFA
Malik Reaves Cornerback Villanova RND 7-UFA
Justin Jackson Running Back Northwestern RND 7-UFA
Kenny Young Linebacker UCLA RND 7-UFA
Christian DiLauro Offensive Tackle Illinois RND 7-UFA
Chris Worley Linebacker Ohio State RND 7-UFA
Leon Jacobs Linebacker Wisconsin RND 7-UFA
Javon Wims Wide Receiver Georgia RND 7-UFA
James Looney Edge California RND 7-UFA
Grant Haley Cornerback Penn State RND 7-UFA
Joshua Kalu Safety Nebraska RND 7-UFA
Nick Bawden Fullback San Diego State RND 7-UFA
Tre Flowers Safety Oklahoma State RND 7-UFA
Lavon Coleman Running Back Washington RND 7-UFA
Martez Carter Running Back Grambling State RND 7-UFA
Darrel Williams Running Back LSU RND 7-UFA
Jeremiah Briscoe Quarterback Sam Houston State RND 7-UFA
Logan Woodside Quarterback Toledo RND 7-UFA
Alec James Edge Wisconsin RND 7-UFA
Jalyn Holmes Edge Ohio State RND 7-UFA
Quadree Henderson Wide Receiver Pittsburgh RND 7-UFA
Wyatt Teller Guard Virginia Tech RND 7-UFA
Connor Hilland Guard William & Mary RND 7-UFA
Kyle Bosch Guard West Virginia RND 7-UFA
Brett Toth Offensive Tackle Army RND 7-UFA
Jordan Akins Tight End Central Florida RND 7-UFA
Ethan Wolf Tight End Tennessee RND 7-UFA
Brad Lundblade Center Oklahoma State RND 7-UFA
Cory Helms Center South Carolina RND 7-UFA
Austin Kuhnert Center North Dakota State RND 7-UFA
Jeff Badet Wide Receiver Oklahoma RND 7-UFA
Lowell Lotulelei Defensive Tackle Utah RND 7-UFA
John Atkins Defensive Tackle Georgia RND 7-UFA
Bilal Nichols Defensive Tackle Delaware RND 7-UFA
Curtis Cothran Defensive Tackle Penn State RND 7-UFA
J.T. Barrett Quarterback Ohio State RND 7-UFA
Bryce Bobo Wide Receiver Colorado RND 7-UFA
Cam Phillips Wide Receiver Virginia Tech RND 7-UFA
Siran Neal Safety Jacksonville State RND 7-UFA

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