2018 NFL Draft

Projections: Round 6

Player NamePosSchoolProj
Antonio Callaway Wide Receiver Florida RND 4-6
Shaquem Griffin Linebacker Central Florida RND 4-6
Richie James Wide Receiver Middle Tennessee RND 4-6
Jack Cichy Linebacker Wisconsin RND 5-6
Tony Adams Guard North Carolina State RND 5-6
Mason Cole Offensive Tackle Michigan RND 5-6
Skai Moore Linebacker South Carolina RND 5-6
Jerome Baker Linebacker Ohio State RND 5-6
Tray Matthews Safety Auburn RND 5-6
Mike McCray Linebacker Michigan RND 6
Josh Sweat Edge Florida State RND 6
Damon Webb Safety Ohio State RND 6
Jamil Demby Guard Maine RND 6
Van Smith Safety Clemson RND 6
Trevon Young Edge Louisville RND 6
Ade Aruna Edge Tulane RND 6
Levi Wallace Cornerback Alabama RND 6
Nick DeLuca Linebacker North Dakota State RND 6
Poona Ford Defensive Tackle Texas RND 6
Kylie Fitts Edge Utah RND 6
Folorunso Fatukasi Defensive Tackle Connecticut RND 6
Jordan Whitehead Safety Pittsburgh RND 6
Tanner Lee Quarterback Nebraska RND 6
Steve Ishmael Wide Receiver Syracuse RND 6
John Kelly Running Back Tennessee RND 6
Joe Ostman Edge Central Michigan RND 6
Allen Lazard Wide Receiver Iowa State RND 6
Darren Carrington II Wide Receiver Utah RND 6
Chris Herndon Tight End Miami (FL) RND 6
Durham Smythe Tight End Notre Dame RND 6
Zach Crabtree Offensive Tackle Oklahoma State RND 6
Michael Joseph Cornerback Dubuque RND 6
Chase Litton Quarterback Marshall RND 6
Du'Vonta Lampkin Defensive Tackle Oklahoma RND 6
Tarvarius Moore Safety Southern Miss RND 6-7
Kahlil McKenzie Defensive Tackle Tennessee RND 6-7
Jordan Wilkins Running Back Ole Miss RND 6-7
Mike Joseph Cornerback Dubuque RND 6-7
Taylor Hearn Guard Clemson RND 6-7
Scott Quessenberry Center UCLA RND 6-7
Brad Bozeman Center Alabama RND 6-7
Ito Smith Running Back Southern Miss RND 6-7
Chase Edmonds Running Back Fordham RND 6-7
Trenton Thompson Defensive Tackle Virginia RND 6-7
Ike Boettger Offensive Tackle Iowa RND 6-7
Daniel Carlson Kicker Auburn RND 6-UFA
Joe Davidson Punter Bowling Green RND 6-UFA
Jonah Trinnaman Wide Receiver BYU RND 6-UFA

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