2018 NFL Draft


Player NameSchoolProj
Minkah Fitzpatrick Alabama RND 1
Derwin James Florida State RND 1
Justin Reid Stanford RND 1-2
Armani Watts Texas A&M RND 2
Ronnie Harrison Alabama RND 2
Jessie Bates III Wake Forest RND 2-3
Marcus Allen Penn State RND 3
DeShon Elliott Texas RND 3
Kyzir White West Virginia RND 4
Cole Reyes North Dakota RND 4-5
Quin Blanding Virginia RND 4-5
Davontae Harris Illinois State RND 4-5
Godwin Igwebuike Northwestern RND 5
Terrell Edmunds Virginia Tech RND 5
Tray Matthews Auburn RND 5-6
Jordan Whitehead Pittsburgh RND 6
Damon Webb Ohio State RND 6
Van Smith Clemson RND 6
Tarvarius Moore Southern Miss RND 6-7
Tre Flowers Oklahoma State RND 7-UFA
Siran Neal Jacksonville State RND 7-UFA
Joshua Kalu Nebraska RND 7-UFA

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