2018 NFL Draft


Player NameSchoolProj
Sam Darnold USC RND 1
Baker Mayfield Oklahoma RND 1
Josh Rosen UCLA RND 1
Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State RND 1
Josh Allen Wyoming RND 1
Lamar Jackson Louisville RND 1-2
Kyle Lauletta Richmond RND 2-3
Luke Falk Washington State RND 3
Brandon Silvers Troy RND 4
Kurt Benkert Virginia RND 4-5
Riley Ferguson Memphis RND 4-5
Mike White Western Kentucky RND 5
Tanner Lee Nebraska RND 6
Chase Litton Marshall RND 6
J.T. Barrett Ohio State RND 7-UFA
Logan Woodside Toledo RND 7-UFA
Jeremiah Briscoe Sam Houston State RND 7-UFA

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