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2018 NFL Draft

Offensive Tackle

Player NameSchoolProj
Mike McGlinchey Notre Dame RND 1
Tyrell Crosby Oregon RND 1
Connor Williams Texas RND 1
Brian O'Neil Pittsburgh RND 1-2
Martinas Rankin Mississippi State RND 2
Kolton Miller UCLA RND 2
Jamarco Jones Ohio State RND 2-3
Austin Corbett Nevada RND 2-3
Geron Christian Louisville RND 2-3
Orlando Brown Oklahoma RND 3
Chukwuma Okorafor Western Michigan RND 3-4
Joe Noteboom TCU RND 4
Brandon Parker North Carolina A&T RND 4
Will Richardson North Carolina State RND 4-5
Timon Parris Stony Brook RND 4-5
Desmond Harrison West Georgia RND 5
Cole Madison Washington State RND 5
Mason Cole Michigan RND 5-6
Zach Crabtree Oklahoma State RND 6
Matt Gono Wesley RND 7-UFA
Ike Boettger Iowa RND 6-7
Jaryd Jones-Smith Pittsburgh RND 7
Christian DiLauro Illinois RND 7-UFA
Brett Toth Army RND 7-UFA

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