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2018 NFL Draft


Player NameSchoolProj
Bradley Chubb North Carolina State RND 1
Marcus Davenport UTSA RND 1
Harold Landry Boston College RND 1
Lorenzo Carter Georgia RND 1
Sam Hubbard Ohio State RND 2
Arden Key LSU RND 2
Rasheem Green USC RND 2
Duke Ejiofor Wake Forest RND 3
Dorance Armstrong Jr. Kansas RND 3
Hercules Mata'afa Washington State RND 4
Tyquan Lewis Ohio State RND 4
Chad Thomas Miami (FL) RND 4
Kemoko Turay Rutgers RND 5
Jeff Holland Auburn RND 5
Breeland Speaks Ole Miss RND 5
Olasunkanmi Adeniyi Toledo RND 5
Josh Sweat Florida State RND 6
Joe Ostman Central Michigan RND 6
Trevon Young Louisville RND 6
Ade Aruna Tulane RND 6
Kylie Fitts Utah RND 6
Andrew Trumbetti Notre Dame RND 7
Justin Lawler SMU RND 7
Jalyn Holmes Ohio State RND 7-UFA
James Looney California RND 7-UFA
Alec James Wisconsin RND 7-UFA

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