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2018 NFL Draft

Defensive Tackle

Player NameSchoolProj
Da'Ron Payne Alabama RND 1
Taven Bryan Florida RND 1
Vita Vea Washington RND 1
Andrew Brown Virginia RND 2
Tim Settle Virginia Tech RND 2
Harrison Phillips Stanford RND 2
Maurice Hurst Michigan RND 2-3
B.J. Hill North Carolina State RND 3
P.J. Hall Sam Houston State RND 3
RJ McIntosh Miami (FL) RND 3
Da'Shawn Hand Alabama RND 4
Nathan Shepherd Fort Hays State RND 4
Kendrick Norton Miami (FL) RND 4
Justin Jones North Carolina State RND 4-5
John Franklin-Myers Stephen F. Austin RND 5
Derrick Nnadi Florida State RND 5
Du'Vonta Lampkin Oklahoma RND 6
Poona Ford Texas RND 6
Folorunso Fatukasi Connecticut RND 6
Kahlil McKenzie Tennessee RND 6-7
Trenton Thompson Virginia RND 6-7
Mike Ramsay Duke RND 7
Deadrin Senat South Florida RND 7
Lowell Lotulelei Utah RND 7-UFA
Curtis Cothran Penn State RND 7-UFA
Bilal Nichols Delaware RND 7-UFA
John Atkins Georgia RND 7-UFA

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