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2018 NFL Draft


Player NameSchoolProj
Denzel Ward Ohio State RND 1
Jaire Alexander Louisville RND 1
Josh Jackson Iowa RND 1
Mike Hughes Central Florida RND 1-2
Isaiah Oliver Colorado RND 2
Donte Jackson LSU RND 2
Isaac Yiadom Boston College RND 2
Anthony Averett Alabama RND 2
Carlton Davis Auburn RND 2-3
Holton Hill Texas RND 2-5
Parry Nickerson Tulane RND 3
Duke Dawson Florida RND 3
M.J. Stewart North Carolina RND 3-4
Quenton Meeks Stanford RND 3-4
Tarvarus McFadden Florida State RND 4
D.J. Reed Kansas State RND 4
JC Jackson Maryland RND 4-5
Nick Nelson Wisconsin RND 4-5
Taron Johnson Weber State RND 4-5
Jordan Wyatt SMU RND 5
Darius Phillips Western Michigan RND 5
Danny Johnson Southern RND 5
Levi Wallace Alabama RND 6
Michael Joseph Dubuque RND 6
Mike Joseph Dubuque RND 6-7
Grant Haley Penn State RND 7-UFA
Malik Reaves Villanova RND 7-UFA

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