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Fletcher, Redskins look like a match; Adalius could end up a Patriot

Posted March 02, 2007 @ midnight
For weeks, sources have said that the Redskins -- cap-crunched as they are -- are, by far, the leading candidates to land MLB London Fletcher-Baker, which would be a major upgrade over Lemar Marshall, a "Mike" in "Will's" clothing. Better yet, Marshall should be their nickel guy. Anyway, Fletcher is in Washington now and reportedly has taken a physical already, which is a pretty good precursor to a deal. This is likely to happen quickly. Another ...

Thoughts on McGahee, Rhodes

Posted March 09, 2007 @ midnight
At first, I thought the Ravens did quite nicely for themselves, getting a big-time back essentially for two third-round picks, though NFL front offices value a draft pick the following season at one round less than its value, so a third-rounder in 2008 is equal to a fourth in '07. Using that value system, is Willis McGahee worth a third and a fourth? Probably. It looks to the casual observer that they are going for ...

Stallworth: Patriots' first questionable move; and other notes

Posted March 13, 2007 @ midnight
Count me among the ones who were less than Impressed with the Patriots' signing of Donté Stallworth. I have heard the rationale from the 493 Pats fans who just logged into the chat I finished a few minutes ago; they say that the Stallworth deal is set up similarly to that of Javon Walker's contract of last year, and I understand that. But Stallworth is not in Walker's neighborhood as a ...

More on Stallworth

Posted March 14, 2007 @ midnight
The media got to chat with Donté Stallworth today on a conference call, and I knew others would ask him about the substance-abuse program, his contract and playing with Kelley Washington. So I asked him about the Eagles' situation and why he didn't return. His responses, as seen below, were kind of interesting: Q: Can you talk about the level of interest from Philadelphia?  When you spoke to them this offseason, what were your ...

New Chargers uniforms

Posted March 15, 2007 @ midnight
      These things look great! It has been a while since I thought new uniforms looked really good, but I like these. OK, so it's not as great as the powder-blue, throwback jerseys, but these will do. I posted these up here for the fan who asked. Don't I (sometimes) deliver? March Madness thought of the day: OK start to the tournament, but nothing crazy. Just some solid, relatively entertaining hoops. I am not ...

Bears must tighten up that run 'D'

Posted March 19, 2007 @ midnight
If you're like me, and you struggled to explain fully the Bears' struggles against the run down the stretch and in the Super Bowl, you have to think now that the team will pay serious attention to the DT draft market in five weeks' time. You have Tank Johnson going to jail for 120 days (though he might serve 60) and likely faces a four-game suspension. Ian Scott and Alphonso Boone are gone. Tommie ...

My early pick for Coach of the Year? No relation to Lilly

Posted March 20, 2007 @ midnight
The more I read and hear about Mike Tomlin, the more I think the guy is going to be a hit in Pittsburgh right away. If there's a team that knows how to pick coaches, it's Pittsburgh; who cares if they have only chosen two in the past 38 years? That's the point, isn't it? To get a good one and keep him? Tomlin has laid down the law in that ...

Speaking of the Steelers ... good for Ben

Posted March 21, 2007 @ midnight
After reading Ben Roethlisberger's comments about how injuries were not to blame for his performance in 2006, I gained even more respect for the guy. A few weeks ago, his former offensive coordinator, Ken Whisenhunt, gave Ben a pass for '06, saying that his offseason woes and freak injuries -- a motorcycle accident, an emergency apendectomy and a concussion -- were the reasons for the QB's slumping season. Here were Whisenhunt's comments, edited down ...

Houston might have gotten Schaubbed on this deal

Posted March 22, 2007 @ midnight
Ultimately, a deal for a QB is either good or bad -- no grey area. If the guy can play, almost any deal under the sun will be seen as worth it. For instance, we might have thought at the time that a first-round pick for Brett Favre was an obscene price for a second-rounder who got in the coach's doghouse in Atlanta his first year and threw a grand total of five passes, two ...

Dead air: Snyder's CEO steps down

Posted March 22, 2007 @ midnight
Just a quick update on Daniel Snyder's radio venture in D.C., Red Zebra Broadcasting, from Paul Farhi of the Washington Post: it seems Snyder's CEO, Bennett Zier, has stepped down. About nine months ago, I wrote about Snyder's leap into broadcasting and heard from both sides of the matter. Anyway, just thought this was interesting. Maybe I was right about something.

Even when it's 'slow' I barely have time to watch Miami Vice

Posted March 23, 2007 @ midnight
Although we’re quite busy here at PFW getting ready for the draft and cranking out copy for both the preview and fantasy magazines — yes, it’s a sick thought, isn’t it? — this is one of the few lulls in the NFL calendar: before the owners’ meetings and the draft and after the big wave of free agency.Personally, I hope the league comes out of the Arizona meetings with something firm on player-conduct ...

MNF switch: Jaws in, Joe out

Posted March 26, 2007 @ midnight
In the very-good-news department, ESPN has pulled the plug on Joe Theismann as the lead analyst for Monday Night Football and gone with Ron Jaworski — a major upgrade, if you ask me. This move should have been made a year ago when ESPN first got the rights to put out MNF, but the network stuck with their lone holdover from the Sunday night broadcast crew. Adding Tony Kornheiser got the most waves, but Theismann's ...

Lions should take a look at Bills' Parrish

Posted April 09, 2009 @ midnight
The reports are out: Roscoe Parrish is on the block. It's not surprising. He hasn't developed the way the Bills had hoped, and they are chock full of receivers now. If I am the Lions, I am interested. Yes, I know they don't want to trade draft picks, but Parrish would fill two underrated needs: slot receiver and return man. The Lions need help all over the place -- quarterback, middle linebacker, offensive ...

Safe bets: WR class offers some depth here

Posted April 13, 2009 @ midnight
Much of the talk leading up to the draft a week from Saturday is of the top three receivers and how they should be ordered. I think it's safe to bet that Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin and Darius Heyward-Bey will be the first three to come off the board, in some order. But are these guys the surest things in the draft? Maybe not. Crabtree has had his maturity and ego questions by NFL ...

Owens graces Bills with his presence, talks about the experience

Posted April 09, 2009 @ midnight
Terrell Owens is in Buffalo to check out the scene, look for a cool pad to live in and, of yeah, practice a little football. So far, he says he loves the vibe of his new team and might even "shack up" with one of the coaches for a fwe weeks until he finds a place to live. (Note: This would make for an excellent reality show -- "T.O. Comes To Dinner') So attached below ...