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Who is the best head coach in all the land?

Posted Aug. 29, 2007 @ midnight
I sat at my desk, as I have done much of the preseason, and caught up on the weekend action by watching replays of games on the NFL Network. It's a great way to see snippets of games, especially following last weekend when i was on the road at two games. Caught a bit of Bills-Titans earlier, and it got me to thinking: There's a chance that Jeff Fisher, even if he has ...

Chris Simms, we hardly knew ye

Posted Aug. 30, 2007 @ midnight
Look, it's not done yet, but Chris Simms is going to get cut here in the next few days. Jon Gruden has warned the media not to rule out them keeping four quarterbacks, but it's not going to happen. People I talk to say Gruden thinks his team is going to sneak up on some opponents this year, and based on the flurry of veteran signings it made this offseason, you can bet ...

Back to school: Thursday college action falls short, but good times are here to stay

Posted Aug. 31, 2007 @ midnight
OK, so Thursday night's four major games didn't quite make for riveting TV, with an average margin of victory of 48 points by LSU, Boise State, Louisville and Rutgers, but it was great to see the games begin. You could make a case for each of these teams having a legit Heisman Trophy candidate. Louisville has QB Brian Brohm. Rutgers has Ray Rice. Boise has Ian Johnson. LSU, the best team of the ...

Pregame meals vary quite a bit from player to player

Posted Aug. 31, 2007 @ midnight
OK, one more fun item to leave you with this weekend. Per an NFL press release, there are some interesting selections for players when it comes to choosing what to eat before a game. Others, clearly, are a bit superstitious with their food. Here's the list of the players the NFL listed:  Player Pregame meal Eric's comment Buccaneers PK Matt Bryant Chocolate malt milkshake Tough life being a kicker. 49ers TE Vernon Davis ...

Jaguars, Vikings pin hopes on quarterbacks

Posted Sept. 04, 2007 @ midnight
We've known for a while that Tarvaris Jackson was likely to win the Vikings' starting QB job, and David Garrard is no stranger to anyone who has watched the Jaguars the past six years. But these teams are taking big risks that could affect the future of their respective head coaches. The Vikings have a chance to make a statement behind the Bears in a middling NFC North. The Jaguars also play second fiddle ...

While waiting for our fantasy draft to start ... Colts-Saints is almost here

Posted Sept. 05, 2007 @ midnight
The PFW fantasy draft is in about five minutes, and I have narrowed my choices (I pick 9th overall) to Willie Parker, Brian Westbrook and Peyton Manning, and I know I will get one of the three based on intelligence gathers from office sources. It's a busy time around here, as you can imagine, with the season starting in less than 28 hours. I'll be making the drive to Indy tomorrow and will ...

Saints-Colts pregame; JaMarcus not close after all?

Posted Sept. 06, 2007 @ midnight
The RCA Dome is rocking, and the scene around the area is about as festive as I can remember around here. The stage is nearly erected at the 50-yard line, and the circus show will begin. But first, some football. Talked to a guy before coming to the stadium who laughed at the various reports that JaMarcus Russell and the Raiders are close to striking a deal. He officially will be the first top pick ...

Kenton Keith into the game, but Addai returns

Posted Sept. 06, 2007 @ midnight
Joseph Addai was injured on the first play from scrimmage, and former CFL player Kenton Keith -- whom I drafted in fantasy the other night, believe it or not -- just ripped off a 7-yard run to the left side. Addai's owners in fantasy are freaked. UPDATE: Addai is back out there. He appears fine. Still, I feel 10 percent better about gamblng on Keith. Addai got hurt every year he was at LSU.

Saints making critical mistakes

Posted Sept. 06, 2007 @ midnight
I am not breaking any news here by saying that the Saints are making some back-breaking mistakes at crucial times as they face a two-TD defecit heading into the fourth quarter. So far, Jason David is playing like he's in awe of Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison. Shocking seeing as how he faced them in practice every day for three years. Jon Stinchcomb's false start on the Saints' final drive in the third ...

It's an empty RCA Dome, and I am about to leave

Posted Sept. 07, 2007 @ midnight
Quite a performance here tonight by last year's world champs. I don't call them "defending" because, like recent other champs, no one actually wants to be called as much. I wrote a column about the Saints and what they can take from this game for a column that will be posted on the main page early Friday morning, so here are a few idle Colts thoughts: Where was Anthony Gonzalez? All summer we ...

Early game thoughts: Some great coaching moves

Posted Sept. 09, 2007 @ midnight
Dolphins-Redskins: Gutsy call by Cam Cameron going for it on 4th down right at the end of the half, and Trent Green makes a terrific throw across his body to TE Justin Peelle. It’s cliché, but that sends a message to the team that the coach is not messing around here.Browns-Steelers: The Steelers couldn’t have gotten off to a better start, but kudos to Romeo Crennel for pulling the trigger and canning ...

Three up and three down: early games

Posted Sept. 09, 2007 @ midnight
I’d put the Browns on the “Down” list, but their ineptitude was hardly surprising. We know how you feel, dog …UpPanthers: I picked a Carolina win in St. Louis, but I was thinking something in the high 20s or low 30s. I was very impressed from what I saw with their defense, and it was a nice surprise to see Drew Carter make two nice TD catches. The running game also made its mark ...

Some more Sunday afternoon thoughts before Giants-Cowboys

Posted Sept. 09, 2007 @ midnight
You know it’s Week One when (before the Sunday night and Monday night games) Chris Brown is the NFL’s leading rusher, Josh McCown has the most passing yards and Jason Hanson and Drew Carter are tied for the league lead in points.And don’t overlook Week One in the big scheme. Colleague Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe had this very important statistic in his Sunday NFL notes today: Since 1978, when ...

Hats off to the fine defensive performances by the Titans and Cardinals

Posted Sept. 11, 2007 @ midnight
Statistically, you couldn't get much worse than the Titans and Cardinals were defensively last season. The Titans ranked dead last in yards allowed, the Cardinals 29th. The Titans were 30th vs. the pass, the Cards were 30th vs. the run. They were 31st and 29th, respectively, in points allowed. Each unit only managed to save face in one major category, really: The Titans were a respectable 15th in interceptions, and the Cardinals were 14th ...

A book I will not live without this season -- and one you need to get

Posted Sept. 12, 2007 @ midnight
I'll bet you didn't know that ... The Bears did not use a five-WR set last season ... There have been only six tight ends age 35 or older since 1978 who had at least 10 receptions in a season ... That Bill Belichick has never lost a "trap game" in 17 such situations ... (Well, when you are videotaping the opponents' signals, you should win most games ... ziiiinnng!) The Redskins ran the highest percentage of screen ...