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First-quarter observations: Eagles-Lions

Posted Sept. 23, 2007 @ midnight
The Lions won’t be able to throw the ball if they can’t pass-block. Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is very smart to come after Jon Kitna hard, though he’s going to have to mix up the blitz a little because he’s going to blow his guys out by the third quarter if they are pass rushing the entire game.On the flip side, Mike Martz can’t fall in love with ...

Bills' rookies stepping up

Posted Sept. 23, 2007 @ midnight
Did you see the Trent Edwards-Marshawn Lynch drive right through what some think is the best defense in the NFL? My goodness that was impressive. Starter (but for how long?) J.P. Losman got hit low on the knee by Patriots NT Vince Wilfork and left the game, in came Edwards who executed a memorable, 12-play drive for 80 yards and the touchdown. Edwards showed great poise and precision in completing 4-for-5 passes. Lynch ran ...

'The GM' passes the test as a quality read

Posted Sept. 20, 2007 @ midnight
Retirement is an ugly word for people like Ernie Accorsi. And so he avoided it last season by making baseball and golf metaphors about being in the top of the 9th inning or on the 17th hole of his fascinating career. And now that he has stepped away from the game of football -- as a general manager, I should say -- he has embarked on a life of making up for missing all the things he ...

Starting 0-2 is a tough hole to dig out of, but not impossible

Posted Sept. 19, 2007 @ midnight
Yesterday, I looked at the future records of teams that started out 2-0 from 2002 to 2006. So today, let's check out the 0-2 teams in those five years. I found some interesting numbers: The overall record of teams that started 0-2 over those years was 244-410-2 for a winning percentage of .379. Interesting that it's nearly a mirror image of the .619 winning percentage put up by 20- teams. Only seven of ...

2-0 teams do have edge, but it doesn't guarantee success

Posted Sept. 18, 2007 @ midnight
I was feeling a little math-y today and thought I would do some research on how 2-0 teams have fared the past five years. Here's what I came up with: From 2002, when the Texans entered the league, until 2006, 41 teams started off 2-0. Of the 41, 31 had records above .500. But only 24 made the playoffs, interestingly, with 17 of them falling short. The overall record of the 41 2-0 teams ...

Chad Johnson's antics are not appreciated by everyone

Posted Sept. 13, 2007 @ midnight
I think I just shrugged when Chad Johnson put on a jacket that read, "Future H.O.F. 20??" on Monday, but I would be interested to hear what not only some actual Hall of Famers thought about it but also some guys like Art Monk who are not in the Hall. I talked to a current receiver this week who didn't like the celebration. He thought it was too showy and disrespectful to ...

My thoughts on Spy-gate

Posted Sept. 13, 2007 @ midnight
I know a ton of folks have chimed in on this, but I wanted to make two points here. One, I don't think a coach or a team or a video assistant is cheating by watching the opposing team's signals. If they are so worried about stealing, teams should change up their signs more or change "3-4 Under Double-Safety Blitz" to something more innocuous or harder to decifer, like "Lucifer" or "Tadpole" or ...

Britt Reid in trouble again

Posted Aug. 23, 2007 @ midnight
This is sad news. Hopefully, he can get back on track:   

Patriots at Panthers

Posted Aug. 24, 2007 @ midnight
Tom Brady is back from baby duty and is starting tonight's game in Charlotte. So is Dan Morgan, who got a nice response from the crowd, but not as big as Julius Peppers. I'll file some thoughts from the game ... Carolina is punting after doing nothing on its first possession.  

Halftime thoughts, Patriots-Panthers

Posted Aug. 24, 2007 @ midnight
On Brady: He looked pretty sharp in the first half, but there was almost no pressure on him. He looked like he short-armed a pass to Donte Stallworth on a hot route, but the two were talking on the sideline, with Brady teaching, which leads me to believe Stallworth ran a slightly wrong route on a blitz given the coverage they had. Overall, 12-of-15, 94 yards, one TD, pretty strong overall. He would have had ...

Final thoughts, Panthers-Patriots

Posted Aug. 24, 2007 @ midnight
Headed to the Panthers' locker room, and to save time, I stayed there, skipping the Patriots. The Panthers looked tired but fairly upbeat. Charlotte has gotten a severe heat wave lately, with no rain, and the long practices -- 2.5 hours the other day, for instance -- might be taking their toll a bit. Jake Delhomme felt pretty good about the Panthers' ability to move the ball on the first few series, all the time reminding ...


Posted Aug. 26, 2007 @ midnight
I am at Eagles-Steelers in Pittsburgh and will be filing here a few times tonight.

Halftime thoughts, Eagles-Steelers

Posted Aug. 26, 2007 @ midnight
Eagles SS Sean Considine had a busy first half. He was in on seven tackles and had two passes defended (including a tipped pass that Trent Cole intercepted, no matter what the official scorer says). He also took a bad angle on Steelers TE Heath Miller's 38-yard reception and suffered an eye injury. The Eagles used Considine up in the box and on blitzes quite a few times in the first half. Eagles WR ...

Fantasy timeout: PFW league announces league order

Posted Aug. 28, 2007 @ midnight
Stop the servers ... the PFW league, which I last won my first year here (2002), has its order for the draft, which takes place a week from tomorrow, the day before the start of the regular season. Alas, with bated breath, I present it here to you:
1. Pat (Irish Eyes Are Smiling) Fitzmaurice 2. Court E. (Don’t Call me Manfred) Mann 3. Matt (Don’t Let The) Sohn (Go Down On Me) 4 ...

Were this former player's rights violated?

Posted Aug. 29, 2007 @ midnight
I don't typically do this, but I thought I would share this interesting press release from The Cochran Firm on former NFL player Anthony Redmond, who bounced around the league as an offensive lineman for a few years. Here is the release, untouched. Let me know your thoughts on it:
Lloyds of London Fumbles Ball on Disabled NFL Player’s Claim; Player Wants Congress to Step In
As an offensive lineman, Anthony Redmond enjoyed ...