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Team-building experiment backfires on Redskins' Landry: more to the story

Posted June 18, 2007 @ midnight
So Joe Gibbs wanted his team to get closer, a good idea after last year's fractured operation in a 5-11 season. He told his players to break up by position, go do something as a group. And surely you know by now that the defensive backs went paintballing. Uh, bad idea, it turned out. Here's what happened, as reported a few other places: First-round pick LaRon Landry, slated to start opposite Sean Taylor ...

Motorcycles: Should NFL players ride, or be able to ride them?

Posted June 18, 2007 @ midnight
You might have heard: LaVar Arrington was in a serious motorcycle accident earlier today. I spoke with a close friend of Arrington's who said that he was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and that he suffered a broken arm and three broken bones in his leg, plus cuts and bruises on his body. Arrington is in stable condition and the injuries are not considered life-threatening. It appears his family is ...

Signing out for a week; here are a few random observations to leave you with

Posted June 19, 2007 @ midnight
I am about to head out to the west coast for a week's vacation, so I thought I would empty the cranium of all the garbage that's left inside before I go:
  • Pacman Jones is going to have a hard tiem staying out of trouble if this recent strip club fiasco is any indication of the changed man he said he was going to be to Commissioner Goodell.
  • The Colts' Super Bowl rings ...

Back in the saddle again, ready to jump on every tiny thing players say

Posted June 28, 2007 @ midnight
Drained. Beat up. Broke. Isn't returning from vacation fun? Why do I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation? And do you know what happens when I return to work after not writing much? I start writing everything in the form of a question. It's ugly. Time to catch up a little here. We'll do our best to get on with it in what promises to be the only ...

Bentleys comeback is nothing short of stunning if it happens

Posted July 02, 2007 @ midnight
I’ll tell you this: If LeCharles Bentley suits up this season, he’s my Comeback Player of the Year, hands down. The guy could be inactive for 16 games, and he gets my vote. Consider his plight for a moment: Bentley almost had his leg amputated. Yeah. And he’s planning to honor his contract and fight back to play again, less than a year removed from a deadly serious virus and only 11 ...

The message must be clear: Retired players have to get help

Posted July 02, 2007 @ midnight
If you have been, like many fans of the NFL, showing but casual interest in the recent wave of stories considering the plights of former players suffering debilitating injuries and post-concussion symptoms that leave middle-aged men with the bodies and minds of octogenarians, then please do these men a favor by reading the fine feature by the Dallas Morning News' Chip Brown on former University of Texas and Houston Oilers star Earl Campbell. It is ...

Tank's release fuels debate in these quiet times

Posted July 05, 2007 @ midnight
With apologies to T.S. Eliot, John Feinstein is right: July is the cruelest sports month. Our salvation? The first training camp, that of the Steelers, opens in a mere 19 days, on July 24. Crazy. Most teams open camp between July 27-29. So, short of talking points until then, here's something I am interested in hearing from you guys ...  If you are the Bears, did you make a mistake by releasing Tank Johnson ...

A great fan response to the motorcycle blog entry

Posted July 05, 2007 @ midnight
I wanted to share this with all of you, in response to the motorcycle bit I wrote a little while back: Pertaining to the bit about whether NFL Players should be allowed to ride motorcycles, I think you said it best during your article that you think it should be up to individual citizens to decide if they should wear seat belts or not. I think the same thing applies to motorcycles and athletes. They ...

Reggie Nelson: No longer a person of interest in shooting

Posted Oct. 01, 2007 @ midnight
Gainesville, Florida police just told me that Jaguars S Reggie Nelson is no longer involved with a double shooting that occured early Sunday morning. Reports were that Nelson might have been witness -- along with scores of other people filing out of area bars after closing -- to two young men being shot. But police spoke with Nelson, whom they believe came into contact with one or both of the victims at some point earlier in the ...

Jenkins speaks out over fractured Panthers locker room

Posted Oct. 02, 2007 @ midnight
As a player, DT Kris Jenkins has a bad habit of jumping offsides, unabated to the quarterback. And as an orator, he is doing the same thing. This story goes back to last week, before the Panthers' loss to the Buccaneers at home on Sunday. Jenkins raised some issues, in slightly fuzzy terms, about his team needing more passion and heart, more focus and determination. (It's nice to know that a player who skipped ...

I was wrong about Plaxico

Posted Sept. 28, 2007 @ midnight
As some of you surely have read or heard by now, it appears that Giants WR Plaxico Burress will dress Sunday and attempt to play. The info I got was that this might keep him out a few weeks. It appears that's not the case. Just wanted to make sure you got the correction here. I'll try to find out more if I can, but I am not sure how much more there ...

Plaxico Burress has a seriously sprained ankle

Posted Sept. 27, 2007 @ midnight
It appears that Giants WR Plaxico Burress is going to miss some time -- not clear how much, but likely this weekend at the minimum. Here's a release from the Giants: Statement from Giants Vice President of Medical Services Ronnie Barnes“Plaxico and I visited with Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte yesterday. Dr. Anderson reviewed Plaxico’s MRI results and administered his own physical exam of Plaxico.“Dr. Anderson confirmed our findings, which is that ...

Peppers has had his share of cold streaks in the past

Posted Sept. 25, 2007 @ midnight
Julius Peppers — zero sacks through three games — has done this before.In fact, he has had several sack-less (watch it) streaks in his career. As a rookie, he went three straight without a sack, but sandwiched that with two three-sack games. In 2003, when he was more often double-teamed, allowing Mike Rucker and Kris Jenkins to rush more freely, Peppers had only seven sacks, never more than one in a game, twice going four straight ...

Afternoon game thoughts, mid-third quarter

Posted Sept. 23, 2007 @ midnight
I know the Morten Andersen jokes are getting a bit trite, but tell me he's not a dead ringer for Miami Vice soundtrack maven Jan Hammer. Can anyone tell me where Julius Peppers is? The Panthers are making the Falcons -- namely Joey Harrington -- look way too good. Based on the way last week's hero, Derek Anderson (two INTs, fumble lost, 9-of-20 passing), has played so far, I can't tell you how, but ...

Kevin Curtis and Roy Williams are better than the Titans, Bills and 49ers

Posted Sept. 23, 2007 @ midnight
Through the first two games (not including today's games), the Bills, 49ers and Titans combined for 632 net passing yards in 24 quarters of football. Through the first half of today's game in Philadelphia, Eagles WR Kevin Curtis -- who's currently nestled comfortably on my fantasy bench, by the way -- and Lions WR Roy Williams have combined for 353 yards receiving, and it's not even halftime. And Brian Westbrook, who wasn't ...