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So which Patriots receiver gets screwed?

Posted May 03, 2007 @ midnight
I had a long chat the other night with my old friend Jon, the Patriots fan, and we talked, among other things, about the Patriots' new passing offense, and we wondered ... who gets left behind in this new world of WR wealth? I had to think about it for a while. Not Randy Moss — he's too good and too motivated now to prove people wrong. Not Wes Welker — they gave up second- and seventh-rounders ...

Somehow, this got by me before

Posted May 06, 2007 @ midnight
Do all the Titans’ backs capitalize the fourth letters in their first names? First, there’s LenDale White, and there’s also DonTrell Moore. Maybe that’s why Chris Brown and Travis Henry left. No truth to the rumor that rookie Chris Henry will be asked to go by ChrIs — yet, that is.

Steve Smith's new deal the numbers

Posted May 08, 2007 @ midnight
Just got off the phone with a source close to Steve Smith, who filled me in on some of the nuts and bolts of the new contract he signed:
  • The deal is for $44,950,000 over six years
  • It puts him among the top five receivers in the NFL.
  • In terms of new money and new years, he's behind only Marvin Harrison.
  • $17 million in guaranteed money in the form of a signing ...

Too much of a good thing?

Posted May 11, 2007 @ midnight
The NFL is, and has been, on a roll for some time now. The theme of the league has been to expand, improve and keep the money train rolling. And, no sarcasm at all, I have been on board with much of the progression. That's not to say that the league isn't a touch impersonal or seemingly larger than life at times. But I am reminded now and again about nice touches the ...

Is anyone else sick of Brett Favre?

Posted May 15, 2007 @ midnight
Look, I'll mince my words just a tad because I know I will hear from the legion of Packers fans who frequent this site — and we thank you for your regular attention — but what the heck is Brett Favre mad about exactly? I mean, come on. I give Ted Thompson straight A's — if not for his work as a general manager, then certainly for his focus on improving the team as best he ...

Hungry like the Wolfe: NFL's first draft pick signs

Posted May 15, 2007 @ midnight
I must admit, Garrett Wolfe does intrigue me, even if I think the Bears reached on what essentially could be a luxury pick. The Bears traditionally sign their picks early, and this year is no exception. This just rolled in from the Bears — we believe Wolfe became the first 2007 draft pick to sign: LAKE FOREST, IL — The Chicago Bears signed running back Garrett Wolfe to a four-year contract today, the first of the 255 ...

PFW's Top 50 NFL players list: a breakdown

Posted May 17, 2007 @ midnight
Any day now, you can read our 2007 season preview magazine, which has landed safely in our hot little hands here in the office and soon should be in yours. I think we made some nice changes to this year's mag and offer some very good features. The Kickoff section is a must-read, too. One section that has not changed is the player ratings story, highlighted by the Top 50 players list. It always ...

Rookie Premiere weekend in Los Angeles plenty of action (shots)

Posted May 21, 2007 @ midnight
I just got back from the NFL’s Rookie Premiere weekend, which consisted of two events — on Friday, there was the EA Sports Madden Bowl, where rookies faced off against each other in Madden ’07, and on Saturday, they went out to the Los Angeles Coliseum to take action shots for their football cards. The entire weekend was sponsored by the NFL Players Association.The list of invitees was distinguished. It included the top four ...

Coming to the defense of Wilky re: PFW's Top 50 NFL players

Posted May 21, 2007 @ midnight
Anytime you make a list of this nature, rating the top 50 players in the NFL, you’re going to have debate.No love for my guy.How could you leave this dude off the list?Not enough of a certain position. Too much of another.There is no list that will please everyone, and there are bound to be controversies, but let me tell you I thought that Mike Wilkening — and this was the ...

Donation information for Marquise Hill

Posted May 30, 2007 @ midnight
This was passed on by Patriots executive director of media relations Stacey James: The Hill family has established two funds in Marquise Hill's memory. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Marquise's name to either the Ma'shy Hill Health Care and Education Fund or to the Greater St. Stephen's Full Gospel Baptist Church. Ma'shy Hill is Marquise's 20-month-old son. The address information for both funds are listed ...

So what if Street Sense isn't riding in the Belmont ... we've got Ocho vs. Restore!

Posted June 01, 2007 @ midnight
I was slightly embarrassed last night when doing a regular radio show, the host — whom I have a good rapport with — asked me to comment on Chad Johnson's "race" and I completely froze. "Uh ... race?" I asked, semi-helplessly. So it turns out, as I assume more of you know, that Chad will be racing a horse named Restore in a series called "Man vs. Beast" on June 9 at River Downs track. Some of ...

Mangenius makes a cameo in a riveting 'Sopranos'

Posted June 04, 2007 @ midnight
Warning: There is limited NFL content in this entry. A seven-year run is coming to a close. "The Sopranos," one of my favorite TV series in the past 10 years, will finish up its classic run after indelibly making its mark on pop culture. Last night's penultimate episode, "The Blue Comet," was an all-timer, maybe one of the six or seven best in the entire series. Maybe not as memorable as Season Three's ...

It's a modest proposal: Why not match up Culpepper and Green Bay?

Posted June 07, 2007 @ midnight
The Dolphins say they'll deal or release Daunte Culpepper soon, likely by this weekend. Bet on him getting released. There aren't a lot of teams that have immediate needs at QB. We have heard Jacksonville is interested. I would think Baltimore would at least toss the idea around if Culpepper is released, but they drafted Troy Smith and still have Kyle Boller as the backup. And we know that the Falcons are lying ...

Romo needs a break from lots of things

Posted June 13, 2007 @ midnight
One of the big mysteries for this season revolves around the Dallas Cowboys and their quarterback. Seldom before have we seen such an opening stanza from a QB, especially one who plays for America's Team: five games of glory, five of ambivalence, and one strange playoff game with a bizarre finish. We are left with some indelible images but few answers. There is talent, but is there mastery? Better, what does Wade Phillips' arrival ...

Giants' Kiwanuka is a stand-up kind of guy these days

Posted June 15, 2007 @ midnight
One of the more intriguing players in the NFC East this fall will be the Giants’ Mathias Kiwanuka, who is ankle-deep into a transition from weak-side defensive end to strong-side linebacker.So far, spies say the experiment is going well, even as early as it is. Kiwanuka showed his athleticism last season as a rookie, frequently dropping into coverage on zone blitzes, and he had two interceptions.He also was known best for two boneheaded ...