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Dallas Mavericks forward Caron Butler's Week Two picks

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By Eric Edholm

Occasionally during the season, we'll let a celebrity — inside or outside the sports world — take a crack at picking some games for the upcoming week.
This week, it's Dallas Mavericks guard-forward Caron Butler, who joined the team halfway through last season. The owner of six Burger King franchises, Butler thinks joining the Mavs is going to be good business.
"I get to play with a Hall of Fame point guard in Jason Kidd. A Hall of Famer in Dirk Nowitzki. I have great teammates: guys whose main goal is to win a title," Butler said. "It's a great atmosphere."
When I implored him to try his best to take down the much-disdained (by me) Lakers, Butler informed me: "That's the plan."
He's also a huge Brett Favre fan, having grown up in Wisconsin, so keep that in mind when reading his selections. But he knows his NFL. And who knows? Maybe he'll be the next hoops star — a la Brad Daugherty, who now is a NASCAR analyst — to call another sport when his NBA career is over.
"I'd think about it!" Butler said, laughing.
I figure he can't do any worse than I did in Week One picking games. Here are Butler's Week Two picks:
Dolphins at Vikings:
"Gotta go with the Vikings. I think Favre, playing at home with the energy of the crowd, the guy will go win one after losing a tough game (against the Saints)."
Cardinals at Falcons: "Going with the home team again, Atlanta."
Ravens at Bengals: "You know what? Baltimore is the sleeper in all this. Eager to get back to the top. Ray Lewis has them following in his footsteps. Ravens win."
Chiefs at Browns: "Kansas City. A lot of people felt (the Week One win) was the key to their season. I think they are going to ride that momentum and play pretty well."
Bears at Cowboys: "I am going to go with Dallas on this one, my boys. My guy Tony Romo, I think he gets it together this week."
Eagles at Lions: "I think Michael Vick was the perfect insertion with (Kevin Kolb) going down. This is the resurgence of Vick. Eagles win it."
Bills at Packers: "Being a Wisconsin dude, I know this game means a lot. Even with a new running back, they are still going to look pretty good. Packers big."
Steelers at Titans: "Titans. I like the confidence of Vince Young."
Buccaneers at Panthers: "Tampa Bay in the upset."
Seahawks at Broncos: "Denver at home. Seahawks won't look that good two weeks in a row."
Rams at Raiders: "I think (the Rams) can pull it off."
Patriots at Jets: "Patriots. (Darrelle) Revis might do a good job, but Randy (Moss) will be Randy, and the Patriots are the better team. I saw them in Week One, and (Wes Welker) looked energetic."
Jaguars at Chargers: "Chargers bounce back this week."
Texans at Redskins: "Redskins are for real. This is their resurgence. They'll win, led by Donovan McNabb."
Giants at Colts: "The Manning Bowl goes to the older brother. Peyton will have the Colts angry after last week. His film study will be the difference this week.
Saints at 49ers: "Saints are my pick to repeat as champs. They'll win out West."

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