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Don't worry about the Colts, who still might be Super

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By Eric Edholm

The Colts turned in, by most accounts, a rather uninspiring game in losing to the Bills.

There were missed tackles, penalties, an interception run back for a touchdown, and three fumbles lost.


But please, please don't veer towards this Super Bowl hangover business. I saw the Colts on the first day of training camp and though they looked like they were in mid-camp, even early-season form. By the reports I have heard, this was just one of those days.

The starters were not great, but the reserves were definitely not good. But in no way am I going to panic or reconsider my thoughts on making them a Super Bowl pick.

My picks are due to Team PFW sometime on Monday. Every year, I take that literally; I expect to hand them in, after hours of handwringing, a few minutes prior to midnight.

The Colts are one of about five or six teams I am considering for my Super Bowl picks. I think I know which way I am leaning, but I still have some things to salt out in my NFC playoff picture.

The locals might be freaking out a bit after a poor showing against what might be the NFL's worst team in the Bills, but my guess is that we'll see some better football in the third preseason game.

Besides, the Colts are notoriously bad in the preseason every year. Why would I put much (or any) stock into what they do then?

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