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Dungy wouldn't hire Rex, or his salty language

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By Eric Edholm

Tony Dungy is one of the most likeable coaches of the past decade, maybe longer. Rex Ryan is one of the most colorful coaches in the NFL, sort of a bizarro Jerry Glanville trapped in Bill Parcells' late-'90s body.

But don't expect these two men to ever work together.

Dungy said on the Dan Patrick Show that he would not hire Ryan for his staff if he ever was putting one together.

Right now, that matters little. Dungy is an NBC analyst who is not in the NFL any longer, and Ryan just signed a gainful extension to be the Jets' coach an additional two years, so he's firmly planted in New York.

But Dungy has been courted heavily by NFL teams to fill a president/GM type of role and people have said that Dungy might consider it for the right job down the road. And heck, we've seen coaches fall from grace quickly. (Mangenius, anyone?)

And it's too bad that these two are unlikely to pair up, really. Because having Dungy and Ryan squaring off the way Dungy and Rodney Harrison do for NBC would make for some quality programming.


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