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If Stafon Johnson didn't have bad luck, he'd have no luck at all

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By Eric Edholm

Poor Stafon Johnson.

If you remember back to last season, Johnson was the USC running back who nearly lost his life in a freak weightlifting accident in which his windpipe was crushed, requiring emergency surgery.

He made it back, playing in the Senior Bowl, and all he talked about that week was how blessed he was to get a chance at his dream: playing in the NFL.

That chance came last night with the Titans, and Johnson had a nice run that I saw around right end. But then a brutal injury happened again. Johnson dislocated his right ankle and almost certainly will be lost for the season.

What a brutal blow.

Johnson was surrounded by teammates, as well as Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, Johnson's college coach. Titans head coach Jeff Fisher called Johnson "a special young man" and appeared very distraught at seeing him hurt.

Sad story. Let's hope Johnson can work himself back again and get another chance next season. If anyone knows about returning from a tough injury, it's Johnson.

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