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Confused on Favre? You're not the only one

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By Eric Edholm

News broke around 9:30 this morning, Minnesota time, that Brett Favre was starting to tell people he would not be back for a 20th season.

At that moment, the Vikings were 30 minutes deep into their morning practice. Word apparently started spreading through the crowd in Mankato, creating a buzz during an otherwise vanilla practice session.

As for the players, including the ones Favre reportedly was texting about his intentions, they appeared to be the last ones on Earth to know what was up.

The media caught up with them after practice to talk to them about a variety of topic: Brett.

And yet they seem to be as in the dark as everyone else is.

So either "This is it" was followed by "And don't tell anyone I said this," or the reports about Favre texting teammates just wasn't true.

What do I think happened? Brett called a Vikings official or two and said he was not coming back. Those people then told Favre to hang in there another week or two and then decide.

We have not heard from Favre today and probably won't.

Word is trickling in from a family member that Favre hasn't made up his mind. That holds more worth for me right now than anything else.

Until then I am going with the assumption that nothing has changed from yesterday.


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