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Jaguars owner Weaver admits to having 'exit strategy' for team

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By Eric Edholm

In this wide-ranging and revealing interview with Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver, Florida Times-Union writers Tania Ganguli and Vito Stellino (also a very fine correspondent for PFW, I might add) discuss a variety of topics with most centering on the team's unsteady future in Jacksonville.

The Jaguars are the team perhaps most often mentioned for relocation (perhaps to Los Angeles), and their financial situation has been a tough one to bear. Jacksonville hasn't embraced the city, and blackouts became the norm last season amid wintry economic times.

Now, Weaver says there are good things happening that could keep the team afloat in northern Florida.

But he also talks about an exit strategy with the team, knowing that no one in his family either wants to take over or is equipped to take over the team after his passing (Weaver is 75).

Interesting read. Worth taking the time to check out for a franchise that hangs in the balance.

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