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What does Bengals' T.O. interest say of Bryant?

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By Eric Edholm

My only regret with the news that the Bengals are interested in signing Terrell Owens is that he was a year late for HBO's "Hard Knocks."

I actually think Cincinnati might be a fine place for Owens to land. He'd fit right in. (Insert any number of Bengal-related jokes now.) But seriously, the guy can still play. No. 1 recever? Thirteen-hundred-yard receiver? Nay and nay, but I think he can be an excellent number No. 2 for a Cincy passng offense that could see major improvements at three spots, including slot receiver (impressive rookie Jordan Shipley) and tight end (impressive-looking rookie Jermaine Gresham).

Owens and Chad Ochocinco might be a tad much for many to handle, in the same way that two hyperactive kids in the same room tend to try to drown one another out. But talent-wise, they'd be a formidable pair.

But what does this say of Antonio Bryant? Word is that he has not looked so hot to date. If he had a good offseason so far, the Bengals would have joined the cavalcade of "no thanks yous" for Owens' services, methinks.

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