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Rookie CB Cook waiting for contract offer from Vikings

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By Eric Edholm

Like many high draft picks, CB Chris Cook is waiting for some news — good, bad or otherwise.

Cook, the Vikings' second-round draft pick (and top pick overall), has yet to receive a a contract offer from the team.

"We're waiting for something from the Vikings, and we'll go from there," agent Hadley Englehard, who represents Cook, told me a few minutes ago.

The Vikings report to training camp on Friday. You might remember that the Vikings traded down four spots, from No. 30 to 34, to select Cook. The most interesting part of the trade is that it involved the NFC North-foe Lions, who took RB Jahvid Best at 30.

Englehard didn't express too much concern about getting Cook to camp at a reasonable time. Negotiations for high-round picks are slightly behind last year's pace, with only one first-round pick (Dez Bryant) coming to terms thus far. The agent said if the uncertain future of the Collective Bargaining Agreement has affected one thing slightly it's how the money is going to be paid out.

"I think the toughest thing is the language of these contracts," Englehard said. "If we're paying someone an option bonus on the first day of the league year … well, what if there is no new year (in 2001)? What if there's a lockout? It makes it a little tricky when it comes to writing up the language (in the contracts)."

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