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Brees MVP favorite at online sportsbook

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Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Mike Wilkening

The online sportsbook has posted 2010 NFL MVP odds, which I have posted below.  (Note: does not specify what MVP award is being wagered upon, just that it is the "NFL MVP award." The Associated Press gives out an NFL MVP award annually, as does Pro Football Weekly and the Professional Football Writers of America.)

Here are the 2010 NFL MVP odds at

Aaron Rodgers +1200               

Adrian Peterson +1800  

Andre Johnson +3000              

Brandon Marshall +5000  

Brett Favre +1500              

Calvin Johnson +6000              

Carson Palmer +3000              

Chad Henne +3000              

Chris Johnson +1000              

Darrelle Revis +2500              

DeAngelo Williams +2500  

Donovan McNabb +1800  

Drew Brees +500    

Eli Manning +2000  

Frank Gore +2000              

Joe Flacco +2000  

Larry Fitzgerald +2800              

Mark Sanchez +1800              

Matt Ryan +1800              

Matt Schaub +1800  

Matthew Stafford +6000  

Maurice Jones Drew +1500              

Michael Turner +2800              

Peyton Manning +650     

Phillip Rivers +1500  

Randy Moss +3000  

Tom Brady +800

Tony Romo +1500              

Field +650     

My first reaction is that Aaron Rodgers (+1200) looks like good value: the Packers look like one of the prime contenders in the NFC, and Rodgers has played very well in two seasons as the starter. Tony Romo (+1500) also holds some appeal; if the Cowboys run away with the division, his candidacy could be strong.

Of course, those who pick Drew Brees (the favorite at +500), Tom Brady or Peyton Manning to capture MVP honors can't be faulted; all are strong candidates, and all have track records of success.

The 2010 Heisman Trophy odds have been discussed quite a bit early this week (see here and here). Nothing likesome future-book odds to pass the time as football season nears.


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