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Bevell claims he’s just as in the dark as everyone on Favre

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By Eric Edholm

(Blogger’s note: Consider this my one Brett Favre update for the month of May. My next one should be around June 15 sometime, so be sure to tune back in then for that.)

Having talked to Darrell Bevell a few times, I can say he’s a smart guy. I also know he occasionally likes to give — how should I say this? — “smart” remarks, and I don’t specifically mean intelligent when I use that word.

But I could not come up with a better way to describe how Brett Favre operates than what Bevell said about his, er, would-be QB today, speaking at Vikings OTAs.

“He likes to do things his kind of way and surprises everyone,” Bevell said.


The Vikings knew what they were getting into when they talked Favre out of retirement (insert joke here), so it has been no surprise to Bevell, who has known Favre for years, that this whole dance is part of the routine now.

Bevell said today he had no reaction to Favre having surgery. He doesn’t know when Favre’s stitches are coming out. He wasn’t surprised by Favre having surgery. He doesn’t know what Favre’s plans are.

And you know what? I really don’t think Bevell was being “smart” when he told the media this today.

“It’s been off and on,” Bevell said of his communication with Favre this offseason. “I just try to find things like that speaking tour he was on the one day just to mess with him. I talked to him a little bit about what is going on out here. There’s a lot of talk that is not even football. I check in on him to see how he is doing.”

Expect more than two months of the same.

I wish there was some real news here to report for you. But alas, like Bevell, I have nothing much to update you on. I can say what I think — that Favre will indeed be with the team, with an over-under of Aug. 15, the day after the team’s first preseason game, and a strong likelihood he’ll be playing in the third preseason game against the Seahawks on Aug. 28.

But for now, that’s all we have.

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