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Haynesworth, Redskins coming to a head

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By Eric Edholm

When the owner — even when his name is Daniel Snyder — starts commenting on a player's status, good news usually isn't abounding.

This is the case for Albert Haynesworth at the Redskins. You can just feel this relationship disintegrating by the passing day.

When the Redskins, in good faith, said they were not going to trade Haynesworth around the draft, I took it as an olive branch of sorts. They were expressing their desire to have their highest-paid player (and the NFL's highest-paid over the past calendar year, by far) on the same page with the team.

Mission failed.

Haynesworth has remained on his own page. And in this case, yes, a double standard exists, and yes, it is perfectly within reason in my mind. Many of these offseason activities are voluntary, meaning players do not have to show up. It is their God-given right to not attend.

On the one hand, we give some veterans the benefit of the doubt for not showing. But there's a world of difference for a guy such as Tom Brady, with three rings on his fingers, not attending every offseason event in Foxboro to spend time on the West Coast to see his kids, and with what's going on with Haynesworth.

Part of the responsibility with being paid that much money, $32 million to date, is going above and beyond. It's being a leader, even if it doesn't come naturally. It means being there almost every day, even when you're not supposed to be there. That's why making these big-money signings are so dangerous. If the guy isn't on the same page as the team, it looks awful and goes down as a collosal waste of cash.

I would not be shocked if Haynesworth is dealt, dimes on the dollar, too. I think the Redskins have changed their stance on this privately and will act if there's any kind of a palatable offer.

Would the Vikings step up? Kevin Williams and Pat Williams likely will miss the first four games, and the latter Williams is entering his final season, he says. Haynesworth, surrounded by that talent, could be beastly. That is, if he shows up to work and commits to a new team.

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