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NFC North: My favorite and least-favorite draft picks

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Posted April 30, 2010 @ 3:57 p.m.
Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Eric Edholm

I know it's getting to the point where you guys don't care so much, but let's take a look at the NFC North picks:


Favorite pick: DE Corey Wootton, Round Four. A potential steal. I have been a big fan of Wootton since watching him tear up Mizzou in the bowl game his junior season. Of course, he also tore up his knee in that game and still isn't back to pre-injury form. I expect a quiet Year One from him, but after that, watch out. He's a big end who could make people forget about Alex Brown in no time.

Least-favorite pick: QB Dan LeFevour, Round Six. This late in the draft, good developmental quarterbacks are hard to find or worth spending picks on in the first place. And that's how I feel about LeFevour, who has some traits Mike Martz likes (toughness, quick release) but otherwise might not be special in any way. After a week of watching him in Mobile, Ala. I wasn't convinced he ever should start a game in the NFL.


Favorite pick: tie, DT Ndamukong Suh and RB Jahvid Best, Round One. Can you think of a more-hyped pair of picks to come into Detroit? Not since I started following the NFL. Really. Suh won't be a statistical monster, but he should be a fan favorite who starts from Day One and continues the team's strengthening up the middle. AndBest will be that jolt of electricity the offense needs, especially from the backfield. He can fly around and rip off 20-yard plays in the blink of an eye. If he stays healthy, Best should be very dangerous.

Least-favorite pick: DE Willie Young, Round Seven. Young has upside, but he might never fulfill his potential. But it's pretty nitpicky, ripping on a seventh-round pick. I liked the rest of their draft and have enjoyed the Tim Toone "Mr. Irrelevant" pick for the past week. I also would question sliding up four spots to grab Best when he probably wasn't going No. 33 to St. Louis.


Favorite pick: OT Bryan Bulaga, Round One. I'd go with one of the lower picks, but this one just made so much sense. So what if he has short arms? Maybe he'll end up being a great guard, though I assume he'll have the chance to unseat Chad Clifton or Mark Tauscher in a year. Bulaga is a perfect Packer: hard-working, no guff, comes from good stock. The fans and coaches will love him.

Least-favorite pick: TE Andrew Quarless, Round Five. I admit that I know very little about him other than what I have read. With that said, he probably was worth the risk considering his character questions at this stage of the draft. Physically speaking, he looks like a second- or third-rounder, but can he put it all together? That shadow of a doubt makes me pick Quarless in what I thought was a very good Packers draft.


Favorite pick: RB Toby Gerhart, Round Two. I wasn't in love with any of their picks, but you know what you are getting in Gerhart and you protect your best offensive asset (long term) in the process. Gerhart doesn't fumble, which is a check as Adrian Peterson's backup. He might not be like Chester Taylor, who was criminally underrated last season, but Gerhart will find a way to pick up the slack.

Least-favorite pick: CB Chris Cook, Round Two and DE Everson Griffen, Round Four. Not the biggest Cook fan, honestly. Thought he was overrated at the Senior  Bowl and just seemed to lack a little grit to his game. Maybe hard-hitting CBs Antoine Winfield and Cedric Griffin can get under his skin some. Griffen, to me, is just not worth the risk. I understand the pick, especially with Ray Edwards a year from free agency. But I have just heard enough bad impressions from people on Griffin to assume he might never put it all together.

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