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NFC East: My favorite and least-favorite draft picks

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By Eric Edholm

Here are my thoughts on the NFC East teams:


Favorite pick: WR Dez Bryant, Round One. As much as I like Bryant the player, I like this pick more for it making the Cowboys a story again on Draft Day. Last year was such a dud, trading back, trading back … landing almost no one. But this was the classic, gun-slinging Jerry Jones. My guess is that six months from now Jones will talk about the adrenaline he felt to make that trade as Bryant has overtaken Roy Williams for the No. 1 WR role.

Least-favorite pick: OT Sam Young, Round Six. I think the guy is too stiff. Period. But I was this close to making my pick Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, angry that I'll have to be typing this cat's name for years to come. (And for the fact he might not play until midseason because of a shoulder injury.) But more for the name, really.

N.Y. Giants

Favorite pick: DT Linval Joseph, Round Two. This guy was attracting attention in Round One. I have it on good authority that he was in discussion with at least one team up that high and that if he made it past the Giants at 46, he wasn't lasting much longer. This was no reach; this is a talented, big, strong football player who will push Rocky Bernard off the team in camp.

Least-favorite pick: DE Jason Piette-Paul, Round One. Wrote a whole column about how big a boom-or-bust pick this just was. Maybe he'll be great. Maybe I have not seen enough of him to know. But I just have a bad feelign we'll be talking about unmet expectations in a few years.


Favorite pick: QB Mike Kafka, Round Four. Wow, so many to choose from with 13 picks. But truth be told, I didn't love love any one of their picks. I just kind of liked a few of them a good deal. Riley Cooper is another one. But Kafka is just so fun to watch. I have a hard time thinking he didn't land with the perfect head coach and offensive coordinator here. It's Jeff Garcia's reincarnation.

Least-favorite pick: CB Trevard Lindley, Round Four. I thought he looked like a broken man at the Senior Bowl. He was very good earlier in his career, but Lindley tailed off and might have lost it, whatever it is. I just have storng doubts about him becoming a good pro.


Favorite pick: OT Trent Williams, Round One. Can't I pick Donovan McNabb instead? He was traded for a pick. No, I went with Williams almost by default. They had only six picks, and three of those were in Round Seven. Yikes. Williams is at least in the best possible situation to succeed. He has a scheme that will play up his strengths, a good offensive line coach in Chris Foerster and an offensive mastermind as a head coach. That = eventual success.

Least-favorite pick: None. Honestly none. I didn't have strong feelings about any of them. I honestly never had heard of Dennis Morris or Terrence Austin before their names were called on draft weekend. I never saw Erik Cook play, but I know of his brother with the Vikings. Does that count? Perry Riley, he never really stood out too much for me when I watched LSU. So we'll go with Riley. There we go.

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