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AFC West: My favorite and least-favorite draft picks

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By Eric Edholm

Here are my AFC West draft thoughts:


Favorite pick: Tie, WR Demaryius Thomas, Round One and WR Eric Decker, Round Three. Broncos fans will learn to love Thomas in time. He has a little Calvin Johnson in him, and remember that Johnson struggled some as a rookie. Decker, well, he reminds me a lot of Ed McCaffery, which is sure to make Broncos folks happy. In fact, if he's healthy when he gets to camp, it wouldn't surprise me if he outpaces Thomas in Year One.

Least-favorite pick: OG Zane Beadles, Round Two. Maybe he'll be better as a guard. But the Utah tackle struggled badly at the Senior Bowl handling speed rushes and countermoves and was embarrassed more than once in one-on-one drills. Just going off that, I wasn't too impressed. But then again, a lot of sub-par college tackles do well in the NFL after moving inside.


Favorite pick: OW Dexter McCluster, Round Two. There is no typo; I meant to write "OW," which if you are not from K.C. might not make sense. When asked what he would bring to the Chiefs and, specifically, where he'd play, McCluster labeled himself an "OW: offensive weapon." He's right. The runner/receiver/returner/Wildcat QB likely will do his best work in the slot as the Midwest's answer to Wes Welker and will add some excitement to the Chiefs' offense along with Jamaal Charles.

Least-favorite pick: CB-RS Javier Arenas, Round Two. Back to back specialists? Arenas never impressed me all that much as a corner, although he clearly has return ability. I just thought it was too much of a luxury pick at that point in the draft. But the rest of Scott Pioli's crop was darned good.


Favorite pick: LB Rolando McClain, Round One. Why? Because it indicated, as Warren G. Harding (that's not Warren G, kids) once coined, a "return to normalcy." McClain might never be a special player, but he has hitting ability, leadership skills and is as low-risk move they have made in Round One in years.

Least-favorite pick: SS Stevie Brown, Round Seven. As Nolan Nawrocki wrote, they "drafted him to cut him." But boy, is that nitpicking or what? The fact I chose a seventh-rounder as my least favorite choice speaks volumes for their draft. Although I could have picked Jacoby Ford, a track star in football player's cloths, though Ford did look awfully good in Mobile against some decent DBs.


Favorite pick: LB Donald Butler, Round Three. Not a big need, no, but they got a very good, very strong football player who will improve the special teams immediately and (I predict) be a starter in a year. Nice choice there, I thought. Smart kid, seems like a hard worker, too.

Least-favorite pick: SS Darrell Stuckey, Round Four. Major drop in his production as a senior that made some scouts scratch their heads. He definitely has some playmaking instincts and was hurt by a bad supporting cast his final season on defense, but Stuckey doesn't stand out to me as much of a contributor for this team.

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