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AFC North: My favorite and least-favorite picks

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By Eric Edholm

Here's a look at the AFC North teams:


Favorite pick: TE Dennis Pitta, Round Four. Terrific value there, and he could be the better player in the long run than Ed Dickson, taken 44 picks earlier by the Ravens. Pitta is a surprisingly good athlete who should have been one of the first 75 players off the board. Great backup and future replacement for Todd Heap.

Least-favorite pick: Dickson, Round Three. I have to nitpick here because I really liked all the Ravens' picks, just to different degrees. Dickson, not as much as the other guys. I am not sure where he fits in. Maybe he's a good seam receiver, maybe he can carve out a role. But like the Giants' pick of Travis Beckum a year ago, I am not super excited with this limited H-back type.


Favorite pick: TE Jermaine Gresham, Round One. A true weapon in the Antonio Gates mold, Gresham only has to prove he's healthy and improve his blocking some to be very good. TE coach Jonathan Hayes is going to love this guy.

Least-favorite pick: CB Brandon Ghee, Round Three. At the end of Round Three, the Bengals took a player many people thought would be off the board early in Round Two. But Ghee leaves me wanting more when I see him play. He looks like he should be better than he is given his rare athleticism. Perhaps a perennial tease.


Favorite pick: QB Colt McCoy, Round Three. It was the right place to take him. McCoy never will be a Pro Bowl passer, and I like the fact that the Browns took other players they had ranked higher on their board (even if I didn't like the players that much) before they pulled the trigger. McCoy could only be a two- or three-year starter, but he has more future potential than any of the other QBs on the roster. And it won't preclude them from taking one next year in what should be a loaded class of throwers.

Least-favorite pick: SS T.J. Ward, Round Two. More where they took him, Ward is a good football player with questionable medical status. He plays a tough brand of ball, and it could make him an injury risk every year. Although to be honest, none of the Browns' picks were that inspiring or that awful.


Favorite pick: LB Jason Worilds, Round Two. A personal favorite of mine from watching games last year, Worilds could be worth the wait. He has all the Steelers characteristics and should be a fine starter in two years. Until then, he'll blow it up on special teams. Not a big need, but he will deliver when James Harrison starts to slow down. (I almost picked WR Emmanuel Sanders, who has bravado and who could be a sneaky-good weapon.)

Least-favorite pick: LB Thaddeus Gibson, Round Four. I know people are saying he was worth the risk there, but what is he? I think LB coach Keith Butler is going to have to spend a little extra time with Gibson working on technique and recognition this year and next. I don't see him playing a lot early

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