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AFC East: My favorite (and least favorite) draft picks

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By Eric Edholm

Now that the draft is over and two days from now no one will want to hear anymore draft stuff, I thought I would spin through the divisions and give my take on what were my favorite and least-favorite picks from each team.


Favorite pick: QB Levi Brown, Round Seven. Watched a few of his games, and the kid has a little Jake Delhomme in him (that used to be a very good thing). He also talks like Delhomme and appears pretty humble and coachable. Bills fans, watch the bowl game against Dan LeFevour down in Mobile. Fun stuff. Everyone loves C.J. Spiller now, but I don't think he can be a 50-60 play guy every game.

Least-favorite pick: DE Austin Lane, Round Three. Never saw him flash in a week at the Senior Bowl, and one scout I talked to had a sixth-round grade on him. Looks like a year of development, minimum.


Favorite pick: LB Koa Misi, Round Two. Another Senior Bowl standout who didn't put up big sack numbers in college but could be a better pro. He filled a need and represented perfect value where he was taken. Could Jeff Ireland/Bill Parcells type of player.

Least-favorite pick: LB A.J. Edds, Round Four. Loved him as a college player. Not sure about him as a pro. Maybe he'll be one of those glue guys, a la Chase Blackburn, but I doubt he'll ever be a 16-game starter or major-impact guy.


Favorite pick: LB Brandon Spikes, Round Two. He has some limitations, but those eyes, that frame and that desire will make him great at something. I see him starting very early on next to Jerod Mayo, playing on first and second downs and evoking memories of Bryan Cox. For what it's worth, Junior Seau loved him before the draft when he visited a Gators game this fall.

Least-favorite pick: TE Aaron Hernandez, Round Four. Over Dennis Pitta? Hmm. Hernandez has more value in New England than in other places because of his value as a detached receiver, but I think he's too much of a specialty guy with a few character questions to boot.


Favorite pick: CB Kyle Wilson, Round One. Great value. Potentially great player and insurance in case Antonio Cromartie does something dumb or disappoints. Wilson dogged the Senior Bowl receivers all week, leading Lions WR coach Shawn Jefferson to tell me, "That guy is a pain in my (rear). He's beating up my guys." Oh, and Wilson returns punts. Well.

Least-favorite pick: OL Vladimir Ducasse, Round Two. I say this with a caveat: He'll be under tremendous pressure right away. But Ducasse has great long-term potential and one day could be good. I just worry that he's being thrust into a tough situation, asked to start as a rookie at a slightly unfamiliar position. They might discover he's a better right tackle.

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