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How much influence will Weis have on Chiefs' second-round picks?

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By Michael Blunda

The Chiefs brought in offensive coordinator Charlie Weis this offseason to help boost a unit that ranked 25th last season and struggled to develop much of a rhythm for most of the year. In addition to running the offense, though, Weis may also be lending his two cents when it comes to the Chiefs' draft.

As the former head coach at Notre Dame, Weis obviously has a close relationship with Irish stars QB Jimmy Clausen and WR Golden Tate, two of the top players still available heading into Round Two. With an affinity for both players, Weis likely will be pushing for Kansas City to take one of them if they're still on the board at No. 36. The Chiefs also hold the 50th overall pick.

What will be interesting is how much GM Scott Pioli, a strong-willed decision maker who usually marches to his own beat, factors in Weis' opinion when the Chiefs are on the clock Friday night. Weis loves Clausen and likely will suggest that K.C. grabs him while it has a chance. Pioli, meanwhile, pulled the trigger on a trade for Matt Cassel last year and then gave him a handsome extension prior to the '09 campaign. In Pioli's mind, Cassel is the team's starter for the foreseeable future, and it's very unlikely he'd want to invest such a high pick in another QB, even if it is as a backup.

Tate, on the other hand, would make a lot of sense for K.C. They are lacking depth at receiver, and he could come in and play a major role right away. He knows Weis' system, and he could provide the club with the sure-handed pass catcher it's been lacking. Nobody would be upset if the Chiefs grabbed him in Round Two.

The intrigue, however, surrounds Clausen. If the Chiefs take him, it will provide an interesting insight into their front-office dynamic and show that Pioli is willing to take his coaches' opinions into consideration. It also will send a strong message to Cassel that he better make significant strides in 2010.

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